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Year 4

Welcome to our class page! We have an exciting year ahead! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know via Class Dojo. I look forward to working with you and your child this year.

Many thanks,

Mrs Cross

Important Information

Year 4; Reading Skills

For additional help. please see document sent in ‘Class Stories’ on Class Dojo.

Summer Term 2022

We have an exciting term planned with our topic ‘Many Moons Ago’. We will be looking how our local area has changed and how life in Wales has changed. We will have a particular focus on the Celtic Silurian tribe from Margam and how the Romans influenced life in Wales.

Year 4 Weekly Timetable

P.E. kits are needed on Tuesdays please.

Please send reading books and records into school daily.

Welsh Language Patterns / Patrymau Cymraeg

For full list: Welsh Language Patterns

Pwy wyt ti?

Who are you?

… dw i.

I am …

Beth ydy dy enw di?

What is your name?

… dw i.

I am …

Sut wyt ti?

How are you?

Dw i’n …

I am …

Ble wyt ti’n byw?

Where do you live?

Dw i’n byw yn …

I live …

Oes … gyda ti?

Have you got … ?

Oes. / Nag oes.

Yes. / No.

Oes … gyda ti?

Have you got … ?

Oes, mae … gyda fi.

Yes, I’ve got …

Oes … gyda ti?

Have you got … ?

Nag oes, does dim … gyda fi.

No, I haven’t got …

Ga i … os gwelwch yn dda?

Can I have … please?

Cei. / Na chei.

Yes. / No.