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Year 6 Home Learning

If possible all work should be completed on the HWB using J2E Office. This will allow the class teacher to have access to the work in order to assess. Here is a guide on how to access and save work via the HWB and J2E: Distance Learning



Home learning grid 8th March PDF

Space Grid 5 – Forces


Home learning grid 1st March PDF.docx

Topic Grid 1st March PDF



Home Learning Grid 22nd Feb PDF

Space Grid 3



Home learning Grid Year 6 February 8th PDF

Safer internet link


Home Learning Grid Year 6 February 1st PDF

Space Grid Spring Term 2


Home Learning Grid Year 6 January 25th 2021 PDF



Home Learning Grid Year 6 January 18th 2021 PDF

Spring Term 1 Space PDF

Please try and complete one maths, literacy and topic activity each day.

School handwriting scheme


Home Learning Grid Year 6 January 11th 2021 PDF

Login details for Discovery Education – Espresso

Username: Student13437

Password: school





Maths: Please choose a topic from the link below –  complete one lesson each day starting with lesson 1.


Literacy: Please Choose a topic from one of the links below– complete one lesson each day starting with lesson 1.

Note: if your child finds the work too difficult then they can drop down to the Year 5 or Year 4 work.

Other Useful Linkshttps:


Oxford Owl:

You can now access additional reading materials at home from Oxford Owl. This is the reading scheme we use in school and will ensure a smooth transition to reading at home. You are able to select the appropriate age range for your child and their current reading level. You will need to create a log in to view the free ebooks.  Please click on the following link: