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Year 5

Important Information

Reading leaflet Year 5

Year 5 Things to remember


Autumn Term 2016

Fit for life


Spring Term 2017

Space Explorers

The Holiday Show

Summer Term 2017

They See the World Like This

Champions League



Autumn Term 2017

Go with the flow

Bake It

Spring Term 2018



Summer Term 2018

Science – Existing…Endangered…Extinct?

Roots Shoots and Fruits



Year 5 Weekly Timetable

Monday: New spellings given.

Tuesday: Homework due by today.

Wednesday: Games kit needed.

Thursday: Practise spellings ready for the test tomorrow at home.

Friday: Homework given out, Indoor PE kit needed, Spelling test day.

Please send reading books and records into school daily.


Welsh Language Patterns / Patrymau Cymraeg

For full list: Welsh Language Patterns

Pa ddydd ydy hi?

What day is it?

Dydd …

… day.

Pa fis ydy hi?

What month is it?

Mis …

Month …

Wyt ti’n hoffi …?

Do you like …?

Ydw. / Nag ydw.

Yes. / No.

Wyt ti’n hoffi …?

Do you like …?

Ydw, dw i’n hoffi …

Yes, I do like …

Wyt ti’n hoffi …?

Do you like …?

Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn hoffi…

No, I don’t like …

Beth wyt ti’n hoffi fwyta / yfed / chwarae / wisgo / wneud?

What do you like to eat / drink / play / wear / do?

Dw i’n hoffi bwyta / yfed / chwarae / gwisgo / gwneud…

I like to eat / drink / play / wear …

Beth wyt ti ddim yn hoffi?

What don’t you like?

Dw i ddim yn hoffi …

I don’t like …