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Year 2

Important Information

Reading leaflet FP

Letters and Sounds leaflet


Autumn 1

Autumn topic

Seasonal changes


Autumn 2

Autumn/Winter topic

Bonfire night


Seasonal changes

Christmas theme





Year 2 Weekly Timetable

Monday: Reading books changed.  Homework returned to school.

Tuesday:  Homework due in by today at the latest


Thursday: Homework sent out.

Friday: P.E. (Please wear tracksuit and trainers).  Reading books changed

Please send reading books and records into school daily.


Welsh Language Patterns / Patrymau Cymraeg

For full list: Welsh Language Patterns

Pwy wyt ti?

Who are you?

… dw i.

I am …

Sut wyt ti?

How are you?

Dw i wedi blino.

I am tired.

Ble wyt ti’n byw?

Where do you live?

Dw i’n byw yn …

I live in …

Ga i … os gwelwch yn dda?

Can I have … please?

Cei. / Na chei.

Yes. / No.

Beth ydy dy oed di?

What is your age?

Dw i’n … oed.

I am … years old.

Faint ydy dy oed di?

How old are you?

Dw i’n … oed.

I am … years old.