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School Ethos

St Therese’s Catholic Primary School Motto

  “Be Joyful, Learn & Keep the Faith” 


Dear St Thérèse

Send down your blessing on our school.

Look after all those who work, or are taught in it.

Help us to be joyful, to learn

and to follow the ways of Jesus.




St. Therese’s Catholic Primary School is a Catholic School in the Diocese of Menevia.  Our mission is to care, protect and present a model of Christian living for our children that is clear to all.


Specifically, we aim to:

  • stand out as a happy, caring community, noted for the strength of its beliefs, its ethos and the treatment of the people within it;
  • provide an education that develops the God-given gifts of the whole person irrespective of faith, age, gender, ability or ethnicity;
  • celebrate, through prayer and worship, all that God has given us; develop the relationship between the school, home, parish and the local community;
  • be a witness of Christ’s values to the wider world



In St Therese’s Catholic Primary School, in our homes, in our parish and in our community:

    • We will be polite
    • We will be helpful
    • We will look after our belongings
    • We will respect others and their property
    • We will walk quietly
    • We will play sensibly and fairly
    • We will listen to others
    • We will do our best