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Welcome Pack

School Nurse leaflet

School Nurse letter to parents

Health Information

School Nurse leaflet Welsh


Things to remember: Reception things to remember

Foundation Phase Reading Leaflet: Reading-leaflet-FP

Letters and Sounds Information: Letters and Sounds leaflet

Pupils’ Individual Sport’s Day Colours:


Topic/Curriculum Information

Autumn (Baseline assessment first 4-6 weeks)

Transport Curriculum Map

Ourselves Transport Mid term planning

Glow and Glitter/Treasure: Treasure Mid term planning



Animals/Changes: Animals Mid term planning                                          



Food Glorious FoodFood Glorious Food Topic Overview                                    

Parents’ Overview: Summer Term Curriculum Map


Reception Weekly Timetable

Monday: School Reading Book Assessment Day/Library Books Changed.

Tuesday:  Music with Mr Thomas

Wednesday: School Reading Book Assessment Day/Library Books Changed.

Thursday: P.E. Please wear tracksuit and trainers to school.

Friday: School Reading Book Assessment Day/Library Books Changed.

Please send reading books and records into school daily.



Dear Parents/Carers,

A big thank you for your support and excellent homework last term! Diolch yn fawr!

This half term we have a new format for our homework! We hope this will make it more enjoyable and exiting for parents and children!

The homework challenges will run for the spring half term. You may choose as many of the activities as you wish.

Rather than returning homework every week, we will have a ‘Show and Tell Day’ on Thursday the 13th February, where the children can present their homework.

Many of the homework challenges are practical. The children are welcome to bring in:

  • artefacts they have found/made
  • hand drawn pictures
  • paintings
  • photographs of things they have seen/made
  • books they have made etc.

The children could also type their work using HWB or upload their photos/pictures etc to the HWB.

We look forward to seeing the children’s work,

Many thanks,

Mrs Griffiths


Reception Homework Autumn 1

Reception Autumn 2 Homework

Spring 1 homework Reception

Reading Reception reading days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


In St. Therese’s Primary School we use The Oxford Reading Tree as our main reading scheme. In Reception, your child will initially be introduced to the characters and then in time some core vocabulary before being introduced to the scheme. For more information on The Oxford Reading Tree please visit:

We will endeavour to listen to every child read and change their reading book (if needed) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please note that this may not always be possible. Therefore, can you please ensure your child has their book bags and reading book in school every day.

If you would like more information on how to successfully listen to your child read, please read the report “Parental Engagement and How to Make a Real Difference” found here on the Oxford Reading Tree website:





St. Therese’s Primary subscribes to Espresso for every child in the school. This is an award-winning, cross-curricular digital learning service which supports the delivery of the Foundation Phase and the successful integration of digital media into teaching and learning. Espresso provides more than 23,000 digital media resources for all subjects across Foundation. Please login at:

Please see Mrs Griffiths for home login details.


Although we have provided a list of websites that we recommend, please be aware that St. Therese’s Primary School is not responsible for the content on these pages.


Some reading websites: – Enjoy helpful tips and activities to support your children’s learning and discover 250 eBooks. – enjoy some games that Roy the Zebra provides to enhance your reading skills – a site offering a number of quality literacy games, including games to enhance reading – Dinosaur Words – choose the correct tricky word to match what the dinosaur reads to you! – Word Reader – another nice game to help you recognise and read tricky words – CVC Machine – read the cvc word and match with the picture shown

 Online/Interactive Stories – A popular site already, but did you know that CBeebies also has stories you can listen to? -‘The Three Little Pigs’ – listen to an online, audio version of this traditional tale – ‘The Three Bears’ – listen to an online, audio version of this traditional tale -‘The Gingerbread Man’ – listen to an online,  audio version of this traditional tale – read a book from Sebastian the Swan’s bookshelf



Below are some recommended activities/sites to enhance your children’s writing skills. – use the story plant to make your own story and watch it grow! – create your own  scary monster poem!


Welsh Language Patterns / Patrymau Cymraeg

For full list: Welsh Language Patterns

Pwy wyt ti?


… dw i.


Sut wyt ti?


Dw i wedi blino.


Ga i … os gwelwch yn dda?


Cei. / Na chei.


Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?


Mae hi’n … heddiw.


Pa liw?


Coch / Glas / Melyn / Gwyrdd


Pa rif?


Un / Dau / Tri / Pedwar


Sawl un?


Un / Dau / Tri / Pedwar