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The School Curriculum

Here at school, we have a wide curriculum. For instance, we normally start every day with maths. What we do is all based on the time of year and which class we are in. For example, early in the year, we do basic math techniques, like adding, subtracting, number sequences, etc. While when we start progressing through the year, we do different things depending on our class, e.g, in Year 3 we would probably do bar graphs, while in Year 5 we would long division or fractions.

Following maths, we have English, for which we have a special Oxford Owl program called the Big Writing Adventures. Classes from two to six do it regularly in their English sessions. Certain classes have a different selection of missions, ranging from planning a giant’s birthday to writing a news article for a prisoner that swears he’s innocent. In the meantime, they teach children certain English skills, like how to scan through text for key information or to use emotive language.

Then we have IPC. IPC is an acronym, which means International Primary Curriculum. Our IPC topics change through the year, so by the time the school year ends, the children will have plenty of information by the end of the year! While we study a topic, we dedicate our science, history, art, music and geography lessons to it (depending on the topic).

Next we have RE. RE is also an acronym, which means Religious Education. Here, as the title says, we look a religious topics, mainly about Jesus and what he did for us while he lived on Earth. Though, when it comes to looking at religious seasons or holidays, we are more than  likely to look at the things that God did for us before, and even after Jesus’ lifetime.

Finally, we have our sports. Every Wednesday, we have Games, which is normally football (but occasionally rugby) for the boys and netball for the girls, though sometimes we do try some cricket. On Fridays, we have our PE, which is another acronym, Physical Education. There, like with IPC, time of  year matters. Sometimes we do gymnastics, sometimes circuits and other times basketball. We usually do it inside our assembly/lunch hall, though when we do things like basketball, we tend to do it outside. We asked a pupil what they think about said curriculum. “I think it’s fun and enjoyable. My favourite subject is IPC, though I am good at maths as well.”


That concludes our review of the school curriculum. We hope your have a good day. And remember, be joyful, learn and keep the faith.


-By Bartosz Lesiak and Oliver Jones


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