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The Pussycat Gang

”Drop, Drop” went the rain on Samantha’s window it was a cloudy boring Monday on September 7th, the first day of school for Samantha Davidson. Samantha (who liked to be called Sam for short) was an 11 year old school girl with strawberry blonde hair and dusky grey eyes she had since moved from her home town of Plockton to the small village of Gilly in North Wales. Once she put her school uniform on for her first day at her new school St Gilly Secondary School ”A place for all”, she walked across the hallway down the stairs to see her sister Philippa and dad Bob eating cornflakes as Sam made herself some toast her father said  ”Well are you excited for your new school, Sam?”

”Not really”, said Sam rolling her eyes Sam looked at the clock it was 8:56 ”Bye Dad I’m going to have to go!” said Sam quickly rushing out of the door. She heard the faint voice of her dad saying, ”Have a good day!”. As she arrived at her school which was a big brown-ish building that had some apricot orange gates and a not-so welcoming half torn sign saying ”St Gilly Secondary schoo” the L had fallen of clearly Sam could hear the bustling sound of children screaming and shouting as she walked through the gates into the playground, no one approached her or even said hello they just stared and stared at her until a boy with chocolate brown hair and ocean eyes approached her he said ”Hello my name is John Simpson you must be  new eh?”

”Yes I am new I just moved here I’m Samantha Davidson ” she said awkwardly.

”Well nice to meet you ,Samantha” said John politely then another boy with deep black hair and Emerald green eyes ran up to John ,”Samantha this Chris Jones , Chris this is Samantha Davidson ” said John welcomingly.

 ”Welcome to our school Samantha , it’s not the best but it has nice bread in the café’ ”  said Chris.

”Well that’s good to know” said Samantha sarcastically. ”Ring, Ring” went a bell everyone in the playground started making their way into the school as did John, Chris and Sam a voice came through the tangoed .”Welcome to St Gilly Secondary school as Headmistress I wish you all a very joyful first day back! The school cafeteria is open from 12:00pm to 1:30 pm ” John rolled his eyes.

”That’s Headmistress Normans she is always happy no matter what , a very strange lady she is ” said Chris announceingly.

”So what’s your first class, Sam? ” asked John .

” Science, I hate science!” sighed Sam.

” Me and John have science , too ” said Chris Rolling his eyes. As they entered science class they saw a short little lady with shiny curly grey hair and brown circle glasses she was wearing a white dress with green and yellow flowers and a small white cardigan as they walked in the classroom she said, ”Please take your seats, children my name is Miss Rice ” she said faintly .Once the children got their seats they started to learn about scientific vocabulary and scientific graphs for an hour which was easy but extremely boring. After class Chris, ,John and Sam went to the cafeteria for lunch when they entered the bustling hall of children Sam could smell the terrible scent of disgust ”What is that horrible smell!” said Sam.

”The food” said John they started to queue up for the food which included green meatball spaghetti, Blue cheese ravioli and the most revolting of all tuna soup which looked like slop out of the toilet eew!

”So what are you having? ” said Chris.

”I’m not too hungry ” said Sam looking down at the ravioli.

”Me neither” said John they sat down at an empty lunch table with hardly anything on their plates just some water and bread. ”I have English next” said John looking at Samantha and Chris . ”I have geography” said Sam looking down at her classes .

 ”Me too” said Chris ”Not really looking forward to it though” he said gloomily. Walking down the hallway to their next class Sam realized they only had 1 hour left of school!   geography went by very quickly and they soon were leaving the school as Chris asked ” Would you like to come to my house in Quinn Avenue?”

”OK but I must be back at my dad’s at 7:00pm ” said Sam politely ,Quinn Avenue was about two streets away from the school when they arrived at Chris’ house which was a pave stoned medium sized house with little gnomes on the drive and brightly coloured flowers they were greeted by a short lady with chocolate brown hair and the same emerald eyes as Chris ”Hello children I’m Betty Jones who must you be my darling ?” she said looking at Samantha.

”I’m Samantha Davidson , I am new at the school ” Sam replied.

”Well nice to meet you come inside why don’t you?” said Mrs Jones entering the house into the living room she saw a rather plump looking boy with brown hair and green eyes sitting on the chair watching the telly ”This is Evan my brother ” said Chris looking at Evan ”he is quite fat as you can see ” said Chris , Sam and John sniggered loudly to Evans annoyance.

” Stop annoying your brother”, said a tall bald man with blue eyes and a big belly.

”OK dad ” said Chris . After a few minutes a young girl with dark hair and blue eyes came down the white staircase in a uniform saying ”Mao Chop ” she looked at Chris John and Sam ” Oh hello are you new? I’m India Chris’ s sister nice to meet you” she said greetingly.

”Nice to meet you too, I’m Samantha ” said Samantha .

”Well I must leave now I have to go to work” said India.

”Where are you working?” asked Sam.

”I’m working at a new Japanese restaurant and takeaway called Mao chop in Chop way it’s my first day” replied India.

”Do they have nice food? ” questioned Chris.

”I don’t know it’s my first day ” said India rolling her eyes.When India left the house Sam realized it was 6:58 ! she said goodbye to John and Chris before running to her dad’s street in Chop Way as she reached the little grey house she knocked on the door and her dad answered ”Sam what are you doing here!?” said Bob.

”Coming home of course! ” said Sam.

”Your over your Mum’s tonight” said Bob. Sam hated her mum Britney, she was lazy and didn’t care about Sam or her sister but Sam hated her stepfather Paul Far even more he was fat rude and even more lazy than Britney their house was a mess so Samantha and her sister only visited once a month They both adored their dad so they stayed with him instead most of the time Now back to the story. ”Please dad , can I stay here tonight please ” pleaded Sam.

”No your sister’s already over there you don’t want to be late do you?” said Bob.

”Fine” said Sam sighing as she made her way to Smelly lane . Smelly Lane was full of garbage and smelliness it was horrible at the far end of the street was the smelliest of them all her mums house as she knocked the door a tall skinny women with curly blonde hair dim blue eyes and bright red lipstick opened the door this was Britney Davidson Sam’s mother ”Oh Sam your here!” said Britney pulling her into a hug she didn’t usually do this. As Sam entered the house that stunk of cheese she saw Paul sitting on the comfy chair with a packet of crisps watching the horses ,”Paul look who’s here its Sam! ” said Britney.

Paul glanced at Sam ,”Alright Sam” said Paul scoffing his face with more junk Britney, who had now given up on welcoming Sam.

”make yourself at home ” she said walking back upstairs to probably watch more ”The real Mansion Wives of Cheshire” Sam walked upstairs looking for her older sister Philippa she finally found her in the back bedroom on her phone ”Hello ” said Sam sitting on her bed which was very uncomfortable.

”Mum’s got a new job” said Philippa .

‘Where?” Asked Sam.

”Mao Chop I think ” replied Philippa then at that moment Misty the grey Persian cat entered the room with a ‘Purrrrrrr’.

”Well hello Misty ” said Sam in a soft swift voice stroking her . Misty was Philippa’s cat but she lived in Britney’s house she was a majestic and fluffy cat that was very cute. As night came closer Sam got into her pyjamas and fell asleep until…

”Per kupt ahhh purr kupt ” No reader your not reading the Alaskan version of this story  the noise  is Paul snoring it happened every morning. It was a usual morning for Sam brush your teeth, wash , get dressed and have breakfast until the post man put the local newspaper in the letterbox and Sam was shocked to see the headline that read: ”CAT’S GOING MISSING ALL OVER TOWN!” Sam quickly flicked through the pages to find an article saying that cats had been gone since Monday day (01/09/18) but that particular date seemed familiar she flicked one more page to find an article about Mao chop Opening date (01/09/18) the day the cats had gone missing was Mao chops opening day something strange was going on in Gilly …  At school Sam met up with Chris and John and told them about the article ”But what could Mao chop want to do with cats!?” asked Chris.

”I have no idea but we could try and find out” said Sam mischievously.

”What have you got in mind?” said John.

”Well my mum’s got a job there so we could pretend that we need to see here but instead go and investigate if we find something we have to keep it for evidence”, said Sam.

” That sounds like a good plan” said Chris .

”When will we go to the restaurant?” asked John.

”Tonight because it’s my mum’s first shift ” said Sam.

”My sister’s also there tonight ” said Chris.

”OK we will go tonight at 6:00 ” agreed John , Sam and Chris nodded as the school bell rang ”Ring ” went the bell. The first session of the day was assembly which everyone had to attend as Sam, Chris and John entered the bustling hall they managed to find seats in the far end of the hall Headmistress Normans quietened everyone down ”Good Morning , Children I can see you have all made friends but please be quiet when I enter the hall , anyways if you have not heard there are cats going missing all over town if any of you do find a cat please bring it back to it’s rightful owner  If your cat  is missing you may fill in a Lost sheet to put up around the town there is no need to worry they will find the soon Now we may start with out story of the day The Brave Owl.’

 she said very loudly when the story was over everyone left the hall ”What class is next?” asked Chris.

”I have maths then lunch at 12!”said Sam.

”Your lucky my lunch session is at 13:00 which is the busiest time to have lunch at” complained John. In maths class they learned about percentages which was less boring than science , at lunch she had some spaghetti which was much worse than it sounded. The rest of the day was spent by talking in class about the articles as the school bell rang ”Ring Ring ” pupils rushed out of the school door to the streets Sam ,John and Chris ran back to their houses to get supplies They met up at Chop Way ,the street where Mao Chop was located ”Have you got the supplies?” asked John.

”Yes I have a torch and a camera” replied Sam.

”OK let’s go ” said Chris as they started walking towards the restaurant.Mao Chop was a medium sized , red and orange with lanterns , Chinese music and a black signs with white handwritten plaque saying ”Mao Chop” the building looked like it had an entrance through the back so Chris and Sam went round to the back while John stayed on lookout ”Be careful Ok?” said John .

”We will ” said Sam as they started walking to the back they walked up to the fence and peeped through to see a very large man with deep black hair in a man bun wearing an apron and tattoos he was cutting some sort of runny fish he was clearly Chinese with a name tag Chummy . ”What shall we do? ” whispered Sam.

”Just look around for any clues on the floor” said Chris Sam looked around the floor there was nothing But when she looked in the far corner she seen a pile of what looked like CAT FUR!!! ”There’s a massive pile of cat fur Chris!!!” said Sam tensely.

”Take a picture quickly!” said Chris , Sam quickly got out her camera and snapped a photo and started running until they could see John.

”John there was cat fur everywhere!” said Sam.

”We need to find out more, go in the restaurant and find your mum go quickly!” said John.

”You two wait here” said Sam before opening the door of the restaurant she was greeted by a young man with bright ginger hair and brown eyes with a name tag saying ”Steven” he spoke ”Hello welcome to Mao Chop how can I help?!”

”I am looking for my mum Britney Davidson she said I can meet here in the back” said Sam politely.

” You may quickly go and see your mum but I will have to assist you to make sure you don’t steal anything OK?” he said Sam thought about how she was going to investigate with Steven breathing down her neck so Sam agreed. As Steven started to guide her to the back she smelt a very strong smell of cats as she looked into the kitchen she seen a tub of smelly rats ”they must be to attract the cats ” she thought as they entered the back room she seen her mother in a greasy apron complaining to what looked like the head chef.

”But I hate the smell of fish!” said Britney.

”well tough you have to cut it to make money” said the chef.

   ”Oh hello Sam ” said Britney. Sam looked around to see if there was any evidence but nothing the pile must of been cleared up Sam left and told John and Chris she found nothing.

The next day Sam went to school to find Chris on his own in the playground ”Where’s John? ” asked Sam.

”He told me that he has gone to book club ” Said Chris.

” Why? ” said Samantha.

”He is going to see if there are any books about Japanese culture ” said Chris.

 ” So have you asked your sister anything?” asked Sam.

Chris replied ”Ye she told me that them people that run it are weirdo’s and that on a Thursday night they bring about 100 cats into the back and shut the door she said you can hear the squeals she is Moving job’s soon because she hates it there ”.

”Something is going on we will go back tomorrow because it’s a Thursday and that’s when the cats come we will take photos and then on Friday we can have a look at the menu…” said Sam by looking at the menu Sam meant to order food from Mao Chop and look at what food they have in store to see if they had any cat’s…As the end of the school day came without Sam or Chris seeing John all day they finally found him at the school gates ”Sam! Chris! look at what I found”, shouted John holding what looked like a Japanese book.

”What?” said Chris.

”In the book I found it says that the Japanese most traditional food’s are Jiggly Gecko which means jiggly cat itamemashita gecko which is fried cat we need to go there tomorrow and check the menu!” blurted john.

”We have more news India said that on Thursdays they bring about 100 cats into the back shut the door and you can hear the squeals and the cries of the poor cats” said Samantha with sorrow.

”We have planned to go tomorrow we need to report this on Sunday when we have all our evidence” said Chris.

”Well I need to go home now for hockey see you tomorrow ! ” waved goodbye Chris.

”I’m going home too I need to do the homework Miss Rice gave me bye Sam” said John walking off. Sam was walking home when she seen two girls.

”Have you seen a American wire hair brown white and black cat?” said one of the girls .

”No sorry where and when did you lose it?” said Sam.

”We were on holiday at Gilly caravan park we woke up this morning to find my cat Bobble gone!” she said before she started crying.

”What are your names ?” asked Sam.

”I’m Lucy she’s Violet” said Lucy pointing to Violet who was crying.

”I’m Sam” said Sam ”Well there has been a lot of cats going missing lately my and my friends think we know where they are I’m sure we’ll find them!” said Sam .

”OK here’s our number for you to phone us if you find anything” said Violet handing Sam a piece of paper with her number on it.

”Well it was nice meeting you I will phone you if I find anything” said Sam. As Sam walked of she was very worried they had taken in the cats a day early! Sam knew she couldn’t let all of those cats die especially Bobble! so she started running to Johns house in Village Gardens it was about 3 streets away but Sam was determined to get there. When she finally reached John’s house she knocked hard on the door until John answered ”Sam I told you I was doing homework!” said John.

”No time to explain the got the cat’s in early so you will have to leave your homework and go and ask your mum to drive us to Chris’s Hockey club , Now! ” said Sam hurriedly John rushed through his house to find his mum washing the dishes ”Mum can you please drive me and Sam to Chris’s hockey club it’s urgent!!!” said John .

”OK calm down John! Let me get the keys” said Jenny Simpson. Soon they were in the car on their way to the hockey club.

”So what happened?” said John.

”Well I was walking home from school when two girls told me they had lost their cat so I figured that Mao chop had taken the cats in early!” said Sam.

”Well we are here now ” said John pointing to the club ”So were supposed to just pull Chris out of his lesson?” asked John.

”I think so” said Sam getting out of the car they looked for Chris on the Hockey field they saw Chris sitting alone on the bench ”Chris come here now quick!” said Sam.

”What do you want I’m in the middle of a hockey lesson Sam!” said Chris angrily.

”I just came to tell you that Mao Chop has taken in the cats a day early which means unless you want 100 cats to die you better come with me and John quickly!” said Sam.

”OK I will come let me just tell my …” said Chris before Sam interrupted him.

”We have no time for that get in the car , Now! ” interrupted Sam before dragging Chris into the car .

”This better be important I missed my hockey lesson for this!” said Chris getting into the car.

”Well it didn’t seem like much of a lesson to me considering all you were doing were sitting on the bench ” said Sam cheekily Chris rolled his eyes they made their way to Mao Chop.As the threesome got out of the car they thanked Mrs Simpson ”Thanks for the ride” said Chris.

” Your welcome , John you must be back by 6:45 OK sweetie?” said Jenny to John’s annoyance.

”OK mum bye” said John rolling his eyes. Mao Chop looked very chaotic Sam could hear.

”GET THEM IN THE CRATE CHUMMY!!!” Said a voice .

”Oh my god ” said Sam who was terrified.

”What can we do to stop it?” asked John .

”India!” said Chris.

”what about India?” said Sam confused.

”she’s working tonight she can help us get in the back!” said Chris .

”Have you got your phone on you?” asked Sam.

”Yes why?” said Chris picking up his phone.

”Phone India and ask her to meet us at the entrance” said Sam thoughtfully ”Ring ” the ring wasn’t from Chris’s phone it was Sam’s phone Sam answered ”Hello?’ said Sam.

”Sam it’s Philippa, Misty’s gone missing I can’t find her anywhere ” said Philippa worriedly.

”Don’t worry I will find her ” replied Sam.

”Where are you anyway?” asked Philippa.

” I’m with John and Chris at Mao Chop” said Sam.

”You know your not allowed there dad told you that it’s dodgy” said Philippa bossily .

” Well it’s important I have to go bye!” said Sam ending the call.

”I phoned India she’s waiting for us at the entrance” said Chris. At the entrance India was waiting she acted as if she never met them because her boss Steven was watching her. Once Steven left she took the threesome through the kitchen and into the back ”Be careful in there it’s dangerous” whispered India.

”Don’t worry just keep a look out if anyone’s coming” said John.

   The back room of Mao Chop had boxes around the edges of the room Sam Chris and John quickly crawled behind the boxes and hid in the chaos there was screaming and shouting Sam whispered ” I have a plan”.

John crawled over to Sam ” What is the plan we haven’t got much time!?” John whispered.

”The boxes above us are full of cats if we open the door we can shove each and every cat out of here, India and My mum can wait for the boxes at the door and when the cats come they can put them in my mum’s car” said Sam smartly.

” Well we need to get out of here!” exclaimed Chris.

”OK you and John wait here I will go get India and my mum” said Sam heading for the door. When she entered the kitchen she spotted India flipping some jiggly gecko Britney was frying some fluff chips. ”Mum, India! come here now”, whispered Sam tensely .

”What’s happened?” asked India.

”Sam what are you doing here?” asked Britney.

”I need both of your help their cooking cats in there I have a plan but I need your help” said Sam.

”What is the plan?” asked Britney.

”Well you stand at the door we individually bring each box of cats to the door where you will grab them and put them in your car go to the police and this cat fin Anza will be over !” exclaimed Sam.

”Misty could be in there” said Britney sadly.

”I’m going back in India you pass the boxes to my mum , Mum you put them in your car OK?” said Sam .

” but what are we going to do with all the cats when there safe?” asked Britney.

”well give them back to the owners of course! ‘said Sam before going back through the door into the back she could see John and Chris perched under the boxes .

”Did you tell them?” whispered Chris.

”Yes their waiting for us” said Sam ”Give me one box I’ll put it through the door” said Sam . As the night passed they managed to get rid of all the boxes through the chaos but when they were on the last box they got caught red handed The head chef walked in and saw the empty spaces that were filled with boxes ”GET THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed the head chef as loud as he could John and Chris ran out through the kitchen door but Sam ran out the back entrance she ran out to the front where her mother was loading up the car with boxes ”Mum quick they caught us get them in the car!! ” Sam ran to the small little ford opened the door while her mother quickly rammed the cat’s in the boot this was utter complete chaos .So obviously the vulnerable waiters and waitress’ did not have a clue why there were cats in the kitchen as shocked as they were they knew The Pussycat Gang was not to blame therefore they phoned Gilly Police Station. Steven made the phone call .

”Hello Gilly Police station what is the emergency” said the receiver.

”Hello the head chef at Mao Chop is cooking cat’s and chasing children please come quickly!” said Steven.

”Please stay calm Sir We will be there right away” said the receiver Steven waited. Meanwhile Chris and John had ran off to Gilly graveyard which was extremely creepy especially at night … ”Chris I’m scared” whispered John in the eerie graveyard ”Nee naw nee naw Nee naw” went the police car heading to Mao Chop .

”Wait what was that!” said Chris.

”A police car it must be heading to Mao Chop!” exclaimed John .

”Come on John we need to go back We need to help Sam !” said Chris dragging John to Mao Chop. Back at the restaurant Sam and her mother were at peace finally when the police came ”Mr Chummy and Mr Mao you have both been arrested for theft and cruelty to animals” said the police officer handcuffing Chummy and The killer head chef . Once John and Chris had arrived Sam, Britney , John and Chris all took the cats to the local pet shelter for their owners to pick them up ”Well done Sam you did a good job” said Britney pulling Sam into to a hug for the next few hours the people of Gilly were queuing up to collect their cat’s When Lucy and Violet heard they had the cats they rushed to the shelter to collect Bobble ”Thank you so much Sam!” said Violet hugging Sam John blushed when he saw Violet he fancied her clearly ”Oh hello I’m Violet this is my Best Friend Lucy Nice to meet you” greeted Violet ‘.

‘I’m John this is Chris my friend nice to meet you too” said John awkwardly.

”Well I’ll go and find Bobble for you ” said Sam. After John and Violet’s awkward meeting they started spending more and more time together slowly the fell in love with each other.

”I would like to thank Samantha Davidson , John Simpson and Chris Jones for saving hundreds of cats in our community, Therefore I would like to give them a special award … The Cat saviour award!” said The Mayor of Gilly as Sam, John and Chris got up onto the stage to receive the award the people in the crowd cheered and clapped ”Now as Mayor Roger to say thank you me and the people of Gilly have planned a surprise” said the mayor ”Sam would you like to have the honour of pulling the rope to reveal the surprise” said the mayor .

”Yes I would love to” replied Sam She tugged on the rope until it revealed a small little building ”Pussycat gang Grooming Centre” the pussycat gang were delighted.

”Thank you so much!” said John in shock it was an amazing surprise. Two months later ( now 14)The Pussycat Gang were running there own grooming centre for dogs and cats! Violet and Lucy moved to Gilly and helped out at the centre a lot. A few years later when the pussycat gang turned 23 Chris and Sam welcomed a baby girl named Winter ”She’s so beautiful” said Chris in awe ”I know” replied Sam cradling Winter in her arms. Violet and John had twin baby girls Willow and Autumn a few months after Winter was born. John , Violet , Lucy ,Chris and Sam will never forget their adventures of the Pussycat Gang because it was the reason they were all so close with their perfect family’s. And the lived happily ever after until…  


  The Pussycat Gang



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