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Planet To Planet – By Daniel (Year 6)



Dear (what I think is a) Diary,

Today I have discovered myself in somewhere… different. Somewhere, where nobody else could imagine. Tall trees, surrounding anyone who passes them, striking mountains watching everything that happens, covered in a thick, beautiful layer of snow. The clouds here are also abnormally different to my home planet, they seem to have something odd lurking inside them, for the moments that I have been on this odd planet, I’ve seen strange figures poking out of the fluffy as a sheep’s fur clouds…



I am still questioning the amount of things going on in this strange, peculiar world. It seems as though I have forgotten most things, how I’m here, my life before I arrived, heck, I even forgot my name! I do remember a few things though. I am 30-something years old, and a male. I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I seem to be wearing a bright, rose pink shirt with a brighter, yellow star placed in the middle, blue shorts with multiple pockets, and soft sandals to rest my feet upon. I don’t seem to remember anything that has happened in my life before I left my home world. I’m starting to miss its extraordinarily colourful and pretty creatures, and the overall way of life. What’s even more confusing in the fact that I left. Why would have I ever left?



I see it. My home planet. It’s in the distance but it seems incongruously different, I don’t know if it is my home, or if I’m in some alternate universe? I’m afraid that I’m going to be stuck here for the rest of my life, without anybody to help me through the obnoxious nights filled with the bizarre, strange creatures that lurk through twisting trees in the forest of the dark. I need help. I need to leave this place, and quickly. My mind is starting to forget even more things, I feel dizzy and confused. I am going to stay up this night to face the cruel animals, before packing up and heading to the mountains. When I’m there I will investigate the peculiar clouds, and hopefully finding a way out of this planet while doing so. If I don’t write any more in this diary, I didn’t manage to escape the monsters, but for now, I wish myself the best of luck.



I did it. One whole day of facing the forces of this planet. I arrived at the bottom of the mountains, and yet I still don’t have much hope of escaping. I’m cold, absolutely freezing to be exact. I didn’t entirely think this plan through though, I arrived at the bottom of the mountain at night, and slept through the beautiful morning… but now I’m back awake, ready to battle the mountains… at night. Night. For the small while that I’ve ‘lived’ on this planet, the nights have certainly been the worst. The gorgeous surroundings transform into deep field of evil. Since I’ve came across many irregular fiends and being as I’m waiting for morning to arrive, I will pass my time by describing the creatures to tell my fellow friends and family when I get back to my planet… if they are still alive, that is.


First of all there’s what I called a ‘Wowl.’ They are as common as an ant back on my home and they are annoyingly common. They have a plump blue body with an irregularly sized head, I often here them chirping like a bird, but other times they sound like an owl as if it had seen something horrible.


There’s also the ‘Grill,’ one of the most fierce and cruel beings on this place. It hates noises but unfortunately loves meat… it consists of a body mostly looking like one of which a bear has, however it’s enormous tail terrifyingly wraps around himself, stopping on top of its square head and casting a scorching hot blue flame on top of it. I managed to defeat one on the way here and I retrieved its brown fluffy tail which still somehow had its eternal flame on it.


I could stay here for hours and hours describing even more beasts but I need to get going up the mountain, however last but not least is the ‘Spaw,’ and despite its aggressive appearance, has actually helped me out on my journey to the mountain. A Spaw itself actually helped defeat the Grill and took the tail of it. I should have repaid it somehow, but I now regret my choice of killing it to get its spider-like metal head.


I remember this date for some particular reason. It seems important. Someday I should remember. Today is the day I can hopefully get back home and find out why I remember this day. Is it my birthday? An anniversary? Or just a day I somehow remember. I’m heading up the mountain currently. I combined the Grill’s fiery tail with the Spaw’s metallic head and together they made a perfect weapon. Not only is it a great grappling hook to help me climb up the mountain but it also is a perfect weapon too! I shall write back to you soon when I reach the top.


Change of plan. I’m halfway up the mountain and I’m freezing. I’m famished and I’m scared. I’ve got nothing to eat or nothing to drink and my Weapon/Hook is slowly deteriorating. My only source of heat, the Grill’s tail, is also starting to go out. And before this situation gets any worse I might as well hope for the best. The view from here is breath-taking, especially now in the dark of the night. Time is going slower than ever which buys me some time to think of a plan.


Help. Help me. I leant against the wall of the mountain and it crumbled apart. I fell down a massive hole which lead me back down to the bottom of the mountain, but there’s one more problem. I’m inside the mountain with no way out. I think I broke my leg from the fall and I can’t climb back up. I’ve lost all hope of ever making it back to my planet. I’m starting to remember more and more things though. I have a wife and three kids, whose names I still don’t remember. The last memory of me on my home planet was my family and I walking down to the town centre. Brining back these memories makes me feel even worse. I can’t think of anything else to do than sit here and starve.



I’m still alive, however worse than before. I’m even hungrier and I can’t deal with any of the strange sounds that I hear from above. I still have no plan. I still have nothing to do, nowhere to go! I remember most things now, which makes everything much more horrific. My children, Carter, Levi and Ori, and my precious wife El. Our planet ZF312 and my friends TJ and Patrick. I’m sitting here remembering my life on at the place I love, thinking about how I’ll never be able to return.


It’s been an hour since I’ve last written and I’ve got different feelings towards this situation, I’m determined to stay alive. I think its daytime outside, but I can’t see too much through a tiny hole above me. I hear growling outside but it seems to not be coming from a Grill, in fact, I haven’t even seemed to hear the growls of this animal before. I think the only way is to survive is to lead these beasts down to this pit, for food.


It worked! This determined feeling is really helping me out too! I’m currently feasting on the meat of this creature, it looks like a black lynx but, just like everything else on this planet, is different.


As morbid as it seems I seemed to use the lynx creature’s tail, combined with some spare rocks to create a rope for me to climb up, my leg still seems horribly broken but I’m thinking happy thoughts. I’m ascending up the mountain again, this time filled up and ready. I never have had enough time on this planet to look around. There’s more than I actually expected, from the top of the mountain I can see a lot! There’s a desert, and a jungle. I should have perhaps explored that before coming here.


Sadly, again I’ve hurt my leg. I tripped up over an odd metal spike poking out of the ground… now that I think of it… it sort of looks like a…


A rocket! My way home, my way to my family, friends and everything that I’ve missed for the past few horrible days. Thanks for keeping me company, Diary. I’ll be sure to show you to everyone, they won’t believe what I’ve been through, the battles, the sights, the beings that I’ve came across. I won’t lie, I’ve actually kind of enjoyed this adventure, the good parts, of course. So long for now.



It’s not over. I’m back on ZF312 but everything is different. There’s no homes, no wildlife, no people, there’s nothing. Everything is gone. I’ve been crying here for days and I can’t think of anything else to do. There’s a massive hole in the floor where it seems a meteor has hit. I can’t- I won’t believe it. Was I sent to the other planet for a greater reason? To stop the extinction of all humans? There couldn’t have been, other peop- no. That’s stupid. Or was there…


Someone else…

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