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My Hero Academia: Plus Ultra

It all began in China, in Qinqing City. There was news that a baby that gave off light was born. Ever since then, superpowers were discovered in various places and time passed without the cause being identified. Before we knew it, the supernatural became natural and dreams became reality. The world has become a superhuman society and about 80% of the population has some kind of special trait, or, as it’s commonly know as by the public, a Quirk. In this world swirling in chaos, the profession that everyone had admired came into the limelight. That profession, is hero. Along with the superpowers came an explosive increase in crime. As the country was stuck in the slow progress of drastic law reforms, courageous people started performing heroic acts from out the comic books. Guarding against superpowers and defending against evil, heroes were soon accepted by the public and it was established as an official position. Based on their performance, they are paid by the government and gain renown upon the masses. There are academies for becoming a hero. The best, and most recognisable, is UA. Though the acceptance rate is 1 in 300, so only the shiniest of stars can get in. And Matsudo Takuji is one of them.


His goal for being a hero was already set in stone by the time he had manifested his quirk, by the age of four. Yes, it was a beauty to behold. His mother had smelt smoke in Matsudo’s room. Curious, she rushed up the stairs and went into said room. The smoke was still there, so it wasn’t the food in the oven burning. She took a step inside and let me tell you, she felt the amazing feeling of delight and distress as she took a look into that room. She opened the door to see that half of it was on fire and her four year old was also on fire, but sitting there like it was fine. But the fire wasn’t just your regular fire. No no no, it was… a rainbow fire. A fire that was ten times the strength of a normal fire. But as soon as she saw her son she knew what this was. He had manifested his quirk. But there was no time to celebrate, so she quickly grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and after fifteen minutes of spraying, she managed to put her son and the room out. But as she picked her son up to get him out of the room, she smiled at him with a large, proud grin. She knew from that moment, he was going to become a hero. “I’m sorry for setting the room on fire, mommy.” Matsudo told her but she didn’t care. “I guess I’ll have to tell your father later.” His mother told Matsudo, “He of all people would like to know.” His mother went on the phone for a short while to inform Matsudo’s dad that his Quirk had manifested. You could hear the shock in his dad’s voice on the phone, surprised but also happy, like the one you would hear if you were promoted. As soon as he finished work, he drove straight home to celebrate.


When he got back to school after the weekend, he had, without a doubt, the coolest quirk in class. Of course, Quirks were banned in school and therefore he couldn’t it until school finished. But when they saw it, they knew immediately that it was the best. It even beat Kuriko’s, the most popular boy in the class. And just like that, Matsudo took him over and became the most popular person in class. Now, Kuriko was not exactly a nice person. Ever since he took spot as number one in class, the glory had all gotten to his head. He’d gained a large ego. It had become like a food source, or a mother that always took care of him. Whenever he was in a tight spot or was unhappy, he just reminded himself of his number one position. But now he wasn’t. He had nothing to be proud of. His food source had stopped, his “mother” had died. Furthermore, he became obsessed with his anger-filled grudge. Eleven years later, he just snapped.


Matsudo and his group of friends had been talking in the park by the school. They’d been talking for around two hours, until suddenly, a large voice came from the nearby woods. “Hey, Kuji!” They had heard a voice that could’ve only belonged to Kuriko. “Hm?” Matsudo replied, while a look of confusion came upon his face. He turned around and his emotions instantly switched from confusion to worry. He saw him speeding through the forest nearby, a scowl of anger embedding his face. After reaching Matsudo and is fellow classmates, he smugly challenged him. “For all these years you’ve been bragging about how your quirk is ten times stronger than normal fire, ooh! Well, I’ll be the judge of that!” Kuriko threw a punch just off Matsudo’s face. “Listen, I don’t think a fight’s neccesary, really!” Kuriko threw another punch. “Would’ve thought that a chicken like you, inbreed!”. And by that word the battle had began. Matsudo set his arm on fire. Kuriko did this too, though there were noticable differences between his and Kuriko’s flame. “HA!” they both shouted as they threw their punches. They punches had clashed but Kuriko had clearly taken more damage. Matsudo, noticing that Kuriko was temporarily stunned from the clash, charged forward and punched Kuriko right in his perfect jawline! This didn’t help his mood. He rushed forward, his anger burning like a furnace. Matsudo had prepared for a frontal assault but just as Kuriko got close he leaped into the air, catching Matsudo by surprise. Kuriko was an inch away but Matsudo managed to side step just in time, making Kuriko land face first onto the ground. He managed to quickly get up and went straight for Matsudo head. Just like his previous attempts, he ended up taking the damaged. This trend continued for the vast majority of the fight. Kuriko’s stubbornness stopped him from forfeiting but every time he tried to do damage, he ended up with another injury. Over and over. A punch here, kick there; until eventually, he let his anger take control. “DON’T GET COCKY!” Kuriko shouted as he shot out a blitz wave of flames towards Matsudo. Unlike his other futile attempts, this actually managed to damage him. “Time to fight fire with fire, quite literally!” Matsudo retaliated by shooting a larger wave of rainbow fire towards Kuriko, damaging him even further. Thanks to this, Kuriko could barely walk. But his reckless nature made him rush towards Matusdo. Though, he was going much slower than before. He tried to blast out another blast of fire, but Matsudo had already caught his hand. “Give up, Kuri.” This was a warning, a warning that should’ve been taken cautiously. But, in return, Kuriko uttered one word that sealed his fate “Inbreed”. He then shot out a full power blaze straight at Matsudo head, damaging the forest and wildlife nearby. This, in turn, aggravated Matsudo. “How could you burn down those trees? There was a squirrel family living nearby!” He exclaimed, with an equal level of anger and despair in his tone. “They just let themselves be hit!” Kuriko justified. This just added to Matsudo level of anger. He rushed towards Kuriko and once again clashed fists with him, this time at full power. As if they had read each other’s mind, they prepared to blast each other at full power. They gave each other death glares, as a clear sign of their anger at one another. 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1…


Nobody remembers what happened that day, most likely due to the trauma. What people do know, is that it involved ten different fire brigades from neighboring cities, a long parent teacher talk, and Matsudo and Kuriko being moved, far, far away from each other. They were forced to never see each other again, in case of an incident like this happening again.

4 years later…

Just another day in Korito Town. Shops are open, people are walking down the streets and life can’t be better. The seniors have graduated from the local high school, most likely trying to be accepted into a hero academy. Chances are, they probably won’t be accepted into UA, the world’s greatest academy. Not everyone, at least. There are certain people in the world, who spend their lives refining their quirks enough that they become heroes. Others are just born lucky, with an amazing quirk and amazing genes and get through the entrance exam with little to none difficulty. And the final kind of people, get in through recommendations. Though not all people agree with it, there is a small percentage that get in through the method of simply being recommended to the school. This percentage is the highest level of skill you can get into and usually requires an amazing amount of skill, intellect or just the best quirk.


“Sorry!” Matsudo said as he bumped into an old gentleman while running. He had a tendency of daydreaming while walking and didn’t see where he was going. He continued to walk, until his movement was frozen by a BANG. The ground was shook by an incredible force. He turned to see a crowd of civilians cheering at something up ahead. So, like any other human being, he ran to crowd to see what on earth was going on. And he ended up cheering with them. It was a fight between a hero and a villain, probably the best thing that happens in a day. “Whoa, it’s Pumice!” Matsudo shouted as he recognized the white and chilling hero! He overheard some gossip about the villain from two men. “With a quirk like that, he must be a good villain!” “Nah, just another amateur. He was caught stealing hats from the nearby clothes store, until he was cornered and kinda lost it.” “A titanium quirk and just a simple thief?” The conversation stretched out from there but Matsudo wasn’t listening. He was focused on the fight. Ever since he was a kid, he had strongly enjoyed watching heroes fight. How their movement was flexible like a rubber band. How their battle styles copied the style of their quirks. Their speed, both mentally and physically. Their strength. Everything Matsudo had ever wished to be was decided in a hero’s fight. Eventually, Pumice froze the villain and the blockage that he had caused was stopped, letting people to get back to their duties. But boy was it a spectacle.


After seeing the battle, he knew what he wanted to do next. Once he got home, he rushed through the kitchen and up the stairs, only having time to wave to his mother when she welcomed him back. He got to his room and opened his laptop, adrenaline rushing through. He got onto the UA official website, calmed down and before he applied to the school, he checked out the alumni page. There they were, Storm Wolf, Quantling, NightOwl, and, the number one hero, Star Sentinel. He imagined himself as a pro hero, his face on this page. This tingled his senses and got him a bit excited while writing his application. He finished it, pressed send and had no regrets. Only time would tell if he actually got a shot at the entrance exam.


Well, he got through (no surprises). To give you a brief description so you can picture it, the entrance exam was a test of skill and quirk power. At the start, you would go into the auditorium and The Art Hero: Paintjob would give you a brief explanation. You would be up against four types of faux villains. The first three types would give you an amount of points, ranging in from one, to three. The fourth was a zero point villain that was a literal giant, being around eleven foot tall. They were advised to stay away from this faux villain, due to obvious reasons. There was also a secret kind of points, called rescue points. As the name states, you would be awarded an amount when you rescue another participant from a faux villain, most likely from the zero-point villain. After the test, he received a video from one of the school’s teachers, saying that he was accepted into the school and in total points scored, he came in third place. And now, let’s fast forward a few months.


The large school bell’s hammering was heard across the skies, prompting that the new school year had just began. But of course, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill school bell, nor school. This was UA Hero Academy (otherwise known as UA High), the crucible of dreams. It’s where those same dreams go under a four year metamorphosis and become a dream-like reality, where people end chaos in exchange of fame, fortune and glory. It was a large building, housing three large doors, all of which had UA’s globally recognized symbol inscribed on it. On the cement stairs leading up to these doors, you could see a colourful flame emitting from something. As you’ve probably already guessed, this was Matsudo. If you would take the time to look at him and write down a quick description, itwould’ve look more or less similar to this. Five foot eight; medium build; long hair, which was a slightly dimmed rainbow colour, obviously not from hair dye and amber eyes. He was observing the area, looking at all the other people talented enough to be accepted. He estimated around three hundred people, meaning that at least nine thousand others have failed the exams. This was only to be expected of UA, seeming as they tend to produce nothing but the best heroes from their core. He inhaled the fresh air from the trees next to the entrance and journeyed off to class.


Matsudo had metthe vast majority of the class, with the exceptions being the muted introverts hereand there. To list a few, there was Koke Miwa, who’s quirk made her an origami master and therefore always had at least five sheets of paper on her all the time. Karasu Tessai, who had a shape shifting quirk, automatically was the best person in the class, thanks to his great quirk and personality. Orito Sadou was a surfer dude with a water manipulation quirk. Yui Haniko was excellent with a quiver and the list went on. Soon enough, they heard somebody walking by the door. They instantly went into their seats, assuming it was their homeroom teacher. The door opened… to reveal a guy lying down on the floor on the floor. “Maybe he just likes naps.” Orito joked. Yui threw a paper airplane at the napping teacher. Nothing. “Maybe… HE’S DEAD!”. “Or maybe he-.” He was cut off by the loud voice of the guy. “Okay! Let’s stop before anybody thinks of something worse than that. Hey. I’m your homeroom teacher, Mr. Nibuiren, or as most of you might know me, The Justice Hero: Libreton. First off, you, girl, stop making origami (it’s really cool), rainbow hair stop setting yourself on fire (really cool), surfer dude, no floating water (cool cool) and I think that’s it.” “Second, meet me in the gymnasium in five minutes. ” He exited the room. You could hear a bunch of whooshing noises as he jumped to the end of the school, before starting a timer. Almost instantly, they ran out of the room and started racing towards the gym. Some people walked. Others used their quirks. Matsudo was one of these people. Fortunately, the school was fire resistant so he could freely use his fire blasts to launch himself forwards. Soon enough, the rest of the class caught up and, together, they opened the door. The size of it demolished that of the school doors. You could basically fit a football pitch inside of it.


“whoooOOOOOOOO⁓!”. “Um, what’s that?” Matsudo asked worriedly. He looked toward the ceiling and his mind went blank. Libreton riding a giant tower-like… thing to the bottom of the gym. “That’s insane!” Koke exclaimed with concern, “He’ll end up turning the floor into a crater of rubble!”. “What? Wait a second… that mute kid is running up to the center!” Karasu shouted with an even larger amount of concern. Nothing but a split second was between Libreton’s joyride and kid. But in that small amount of time, they had revealed eight tentacles hiding inside of their body, caught the tower and place it down to safety. “Ho ho, you’ve got yourself a very nice quirk there young lady! No wonder you got in through recommendations!” “Recommendations, huh? No wonder she was skilled enough to catch it.” Matsudo thought. “Those are the kind of reactions you need to become a hero!” Libreton told everyone “That entire stunt was a test, and only one person passed (though, not to say that the ride down wasn’t fun)!” He then turned around and pointed towards the fallen tower. “um, if you could be ever so kind and just, um, pick that up there… Thank you! This tower will also be a part of a trial that I have devised to test your abilities. I’ll be stretching this trial from today to Wednesday, making this a three-part trial, or a trilogy trial. The first: a trial of strength. You leave a dent, mark, scar, any kind of visible injury or make it fall to pass.” An evil grin was drawn onto his face “But don’t be… surprised, if you can’t get it first time. This tower weighs around five to ten tons (I can’t remember) and is made of a metal with strength that rivals diamond. Long story short, if your like the previous few, most of you probably won’t pass.” He then turned back into his jolly old self, “So, who’s going first?”


“Hmm…” Karasu thought as he stood up against the tower. “Let’s try… this!”

Karasu Tessai

Quirk: Shape Shifting

This quirk allows the user to change their physical form into another being that they’ve seen. However, if it is overused, it can cause major fatigue.


He turned into a gorilla and scaled the tower. “HAAA-OW OW OW!” He tried punching the tower, with little to none success. This basically continued for the rest of the trial, having tried this for continuous times with different forms. “Oh hey, a scratch. Phew, that was a workout.”. Next up was Koke. “Hey, guys! Which should I use, shurikens or a sledgehammer?” She asked her class in the sidelines. “Sledgehammer! Shurikens will be more fun but the sledgehammer has a high chance of denting it.” Orito responded. “Kay, thanks.” She threw out a bunch of tiny paper sheets and using nothing but hand gestures to guide the construction. It then solidified and slammed onto the ground.


Koke Miwa
Quirk: Paper Manipulation

The user can transform paper into an item by guide it with gestures, then harden it.


She then spun and threw it at the tower over and over again, until fifteen minutes later, a slight dent appeared. “Well, guess I’m up next.” . Orito said, nothing but relaxation in his voice.  In the sidelines, a slight amount of gossip had appeared. “What’s he so smug about? Water can’t exactly help him, can it?” Yui said, confused. The tentacle girl beside her sighed “You’re not the sharpest toll in the shed, are you?” “Excuuuse me?” “He’s obviously gonna make it rust and then punch it to leave a mark.” This highly offended Yui. But, as much as she wanted to shoot an arrow through her head, she was more focused on the trial. “Bet you 1000 jenny you’re wrong.” “2000” “You’re on.” Orito walked up and examined the bottom of the tower. He then looked up at the sidelines and smiled at the two gossipers. “So, tentacle girl, think I’ll be doing that super obvious thing that pretty much every other water quirk would do?” “Don’t mock me.” “Well, I’ve got news for you. See, unlike those guys, I’m actually creative. Let me give you a demonstration. Rainbow Boy!” Matsudo clicked his fingers and in a flash, the sprinklers came on. “WHY ARE THERE SPRINKLERS IN HERE? NOTHING IN HERE FLAMMABLE!” “Doesn’t have to be.” Matsudo said as he winked at Yui. Orito now had a ball of floating water above him, slowly growing as it absorbed the sprinkler water.


Orito Sadaou

Quirk: Hydrokenisis

The user can manipulate water with nothing but their mental power

“That should be enough.” Orito said when the ball had grown to ten meters in diameter. “HAAAAA!”. Orito had flooded half the room with the aftermath of the water-ball explosion. He then controlled the current so that it focused to the tower. “Oh, I see what he’s doing! He’s-” BANG! The tower had beaten her to it. He had focused unstable water towards the area that the tower was in, making it an easy target. They then heard the whoosh of Libreton’s jump from the side lines to the main floor. But when he looked up, he was… crying. “Oh, it’s been too long since somebody had come up with something as unorthodox as this. Oh, well, I better give you bonus points for the teamwork exam tomorrow.” He turned to face the class “We’ll be having to postpone the rest of the trial to tomorrow morning. Now, go to the cafeteria.” As they were walking out, Yui had remembered something important. “Where’s my 2000 jenny? HEY, TENTACLE GIRL!”


(Maybe, I dunno)




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