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Miranda’s Magic Umbrella

One early morning Miranda woke up before her alarm clock because it was her birthday and she was turning  six. The first thing that Miranda saw was that it was a big,  colourful umbrella in the corner of her bed room. ”A birthday present” She cried, ”This could be perfect for a day like this”. By the umbrella there was a card, it said ” Dear Miranda Happy Birthday” So Miranda put her wellies on, brought her umbrella and went outside by her street but something was different, the street looked like a land of Giants, the book she read last night. While she was walking she saw an enormous pair of glasses but she wasn’t surprised, so she put the glasses under her arm. Then she saw something in the front of her nose, there was a ring that said ”UP AND DOWN” so she pushed the ring and swoosh! When she was in the sky she did not need her umbrella anymore but she was using it as a parachute! But when something peeked through the clouds, she saw… A Unicorn! The unicorn had a shiny colourful horn with silky, rainbow hair and sparkly, pink wings. The unicorn also had pink, hard hooves with silver, big bow and blue, glittery stars. Suddenly the unicorn picked up Miranda and took her to her house. The house was made of sweets and candy. The carpet was made out of some bubble gum and the unicorns bed was made out of cotton candy! But Miranda got a little greedy, she started eating the cookie walls then she ate the gummy bear sofa but not the whole thing. When Miranda was full she was very ill, Miranda felt like she was going to explode. She tried to escape but she was so fat that she could’nt get out of the house! Miranda felt very scared, she took a piece of bubble gum  from the bubble gum floor, the bubble gum was so big it filled her mouth! So she chewed until it was very sticky so she blew a big, pink bubble and then… ”Crash”! the house fell down. The unicorn came back to the house surprised when she saw the house was in pieces. The unicorn forgave Miranda so she picked up Miranda and dropped her of at her street and she also gave Miranda her umbrella. The End.

Made by Jayleen Year 2

Typed up by Weronika Year 5

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