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Mind Tricking Prison by Caitlin Smithers Year 6

The Mind – Tricking Prison

By Caitlin Smithers.

As I rest my head against the dense and curved trees, I breathe the refreshing air and gaze upon the towering, snow – peaked mountains that are faintly covered in clouds, I rest my exhausted feet upon the forgiving and flattened grass. Slowly, my eyes start to shut but I can still see the mountains and the pastel flowers that surround my sleepy body. I do not want to move. Should I just stay here and embrace the wonders as I drift off into a well-deserved snooze? But no. I need to keep on going, my strange adventure has just begun…


As I get up, I feel as though my body is still asleep. I know I must carry on but it feels almost impossible. I grab my water flask out of my heavy bag and take a sip, soon, my energy is refilled and I set off to explore this new ‘fantasy’ world. Trudging through this strange new place starts a chain of thoughts that buzz around my head. I wonder if there are more people on this island, or how about unusual creatures that can do magnificent things? What if now I’m in the future! “Stop it, focus.” I muttered under my breath, I need to concentrate. As I journey across this unusual land, I start to see some bizarre creatures. I take a moment to look and stare but I can’t get to grips with what I’m seeing. What is this place? What are these creatures? Then, my head goes blank… My legs start to wobble beneath me, I tilt my head upwards and gaze at the giant mountains, my eyes are almost closed and it feels as though my head is spinning in circles. Before I know it, I’m laying down on the floor, surrounded by the calming smell of flowers.


After a while, my eyes start to open. My hand raises to scratch my muddy and now awake head. Slowly, I start to get up once again. I look ahead of me and I see a wide trail of plump rocks guiding me to a river. For a moment I was confused, but now I am glad that someone, or something has done this for me. I stroll towards the trickling river and notice that it’s changing. First it was a smooth flowing river, then it was dried up and bare. I look around me and see the towering trees above me surrounded by fruit bushes and golden roses that blow in the wind. But then, it all blows away and looks abandoned, just like the monotonous river. What does this mean? I feel kind of nervous, I can’t understand what was happening to everything around me. I turn around and start to walk away, but it was all changed! All the beautiful and smooth grass has turned into dry mud, the stunning colourful flowers has now turned into short, stubby weeds and all the curved trees are now thick, dull trees. I feel as though my mind is playing tricks on me. I’m scared…


“Where, what, how!” I screeched, I couldn’t get my words out… My eyes seemed to stretch out, I could see for miles but it was all a blur. I don’t know what’s happening. Am I delusional? Or am sick? I don’t know, maybe none of them, or maybe all… My head hurts, it feels like a big brass drum is beating in my head, I’m so confused, I can’t think. I need some water, but my flask is empty, I go to the river, but then I remember, it is just dust. I must get away from this nightmare… “Just keep walking” I muttered under my breath.


Rambling along the dusty grass makes me wonder how I got here, why I am here and where am I? I’m walking around as if I know the place like the back of my hand, but actually, I’m terrified of this strange world. Far ahead, in the distance I see the place where I woke up. But, it seems different. Was all this fantasy just playing tricks on me? Or was it actually real? My memory is fading, slowly, but still fading all the same. I carry on walking as there  is nothing else to do. I hear the sounds of cries for help, but soon I learned to ignore them.


Later on, I realize that I’ve passed many of the things that I can remember. “Oh, I seem to be going up-hill, what? Just now I was by a flat river, now half way up a mountain? Just keep going, it is nearly sunset and I need to find some sort of shelter!” After a while I reached the top of the mountain, “Just in time for sunset.” I whispered as a sat down to rest my tired feet. But as my body began to lower, it shot straight back up. “What!” I screamed. I heard the chuckle of children. I looked around but no living thing was there. “Over here you idiot!” shouted 4 unfortunate looking souls. “Ahh!” I screamed as I scrambled around to find my bag. “It’s okay, we need your help.” One ghost said. “What, why do you need me?” I said with complete confusion on my face. “We are trapped in this world, just like you. We need your help to find the moon stone so we can get out! Please help!” said another soul. “Okay, only to get out!” I said “Let’s get moving, quick!”


We walked for miles, not stopping. We came to a halt at one, dark, daunting cave. “Keep walking, you can get home…” the children demanded. I quivered as I took my first step. I got out my flashlight and continued walking, not knowing what lied in the darkness of the cave. “Just keep thinking, you can go home.” Said the smallest ghost. As I wandered deeper and deeper into the cave I passed many different thing, scorpions, poison frogs and some un-known things that I can’t even describe. Luckily I can hear the encouraging voices of the souls thanking me and pushing me to go on. It looks like I’ve come to the end! But no, there is a steel, stiff door that is guarded by rigid rocks that could pierce your hands. One by one I tore the rocks away, the pain was unbearable, but all I could think about is getting home to what I think is my family. The cuts filled with blood that stung like bullet to the side! Finally the rocks had all been thrown onto the floor along with a lot of my blood. With one big push, I opened the rusted door. All I could see was brownish water filled with reeds, my first reaction was to go back, but all this hard work needed to go to something, something that could take me home. So… I jumped. I jumped into the water paddling across the thick swamp. Just as I thought I could climb out to   safety, a huge scaly crocodile type creature grabbed my ankles! I kicked and wriggled and punched it tried to pull me back, away from the stone. The struggle to get free was horrendous so I had to think quickly. I pulled and I pulled and I tore off a plank of wood and started beating the beast with all my energy. Finally, the crocodile gave in and I climbed to safety.


I was battered, bruised and bleeding and I had no strength what so ever. I lay there, breathless and exhausted. Eventually I raised my hand and grasped the glimmering stone. The moon stone glowed, the satisfaction on my face was priceless. Then… my eyes shut and my heart stopped, my lifeless like body lay there, but the smile on my face remained. A moment later the wonderful sound of cheerful laughter and a million ‘Thank You’s’ filled the air as this wicked prison world faded away, I was free! So, this wasn’t a waste of my time after all…

The End.

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