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Amazing schools library

This is a blog about our school library

We have multiple libraries in the school with a large collection of books. Theo’s favourite book is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling, Harry’s favourite is The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams.

We asked 21 children in year 5 if they liked the library in a tally and the results are…..likes:17,  Dislikes:3. We have a wide range of categories like:

  • Adventure
  • History
  • Sport
  • Action
  • Picture
  • Sci-F
  • Science Poems and script books
  • Fact books
  • Welsh
  • Human body
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals
  • Dictionaries.

Oliver J says “Its really big and the books are GLOURIOUS!”, Harry J asked for “More junior books” I (Theo J) thinks that we should have library monitors.



Written by: Theo JImage result for Books clipart

Helper: Harry J



The School Curriculum

Here at school, we have a wide curriculum. For instance, we normally start every day with maths. What we do is all based on the time of year and which class we are in. For example, early in the year, we do basic math techniques, like adding, subtracting, number sequences, etc. While when we start progressing through the year, we do different things depending on our class, e.g, in Year 3 we would probably do bar graphs, while in Year 5 we would long division or fractions.

Following maths, we have English, for which we have a special Oxford Owl program called the Big Writing Adventures. Classes from two to six do it regularly in their English sessions. Certain classes have a different selection of missions, ranging from planning a giant’s birthday to writing a news article for a prisoner that swears he’s innocent. In the meantime, they teach children certain English skills, like how to scan through text for key information or to use emotive language.

Then we have IPC. IPC is an acronym, which means International Primary Curriculum. Our IPC topics change through the year, so by the time the school year ends, the children will have plenty of information by the end of the year! While we study a topic, we dedicate our science, history, art, music and geography lessons to it (depending on the topic).

Next we have RE. RE is also an acronym, which means Religious Education. Here, as the title says, we look a religious topics, mainly about Jesus and what he did for us while he lived on Earth. Though, when it comes to looking at religious seasons or holidays, we are more than  likely to look at the things that God did for us before, and even after Jesus’ lifetime.

Finally, we have our sports. Every Wednesday, we have Games, which is normally football (but occasionally rugby) for the boys and netball for the girls, though sometimes we do try some cricket. On Fridays, we have our PE, which is another acronym, Physical Education. There, like with IPC, time of  year matters. Sometimes we do gymnastics, sometimes circuits and other times basketball. We usually do it inside our assembly/lunch hall, though when we do things like basketball, we tend to do it outside. We asked a pupil what they think about said curriculum. “I think it’s fun and enjoyable. My favourite subject is IPC, though I am good at maths as well.”


That concludes our review of the school curriculum. We hope your have a good day. And remember, be joyful, learn and keep the faith.


-By Bartosz Lesiak and Oliver Jones


Welsh Week

In order to celebrate St. David’s Day we decided to hold a Welsh Week where during the whole week we based all of our learning about Wales and the Welsh Language.

Each class was given the task of creating a Welsh Banner about a certain aspect of Wales.

Reception: Welsh Legends

Year 1: Welsh Food

Year 2: Famous Welsh People

Year 3: Welsh artists

Year 4: Welsh Places

Year 5: Welsh Sport

Year 6: Welsh Music

You can see the finished banners on our School Instagram Account or in the Twitter feed on the main page.

Cross Country

On Thursday 2nd of February We had our first cross country race of the year. We did really well at St. Joseph’s school on a windy day, also a bit cloudy.

So, first the girls ran,  it was a tough race! we did amazing! Milena came 2nd, only a metre behind first place. I (Wiktoria) came 3rd, while Holly Bamford came 13th, Caitlin came 17th, Alisha came 26th, next we had Izzy who came 32nd and behind her there was Sophie she came 33rd.

Then the boys ran, they did amazing too! Luca was 4th. Then Ben came 7th, next there was Nathan who came 11th. Soon we had Kian with 24th place. Jake came 27th and then we had Dylan with 32nd place! It was really hard, but so much fun!

We are doing another run on February the 16th, will we do better?

St Therese’s Rugby Match

Yesterday, St Therese’s Rugby Team drove down to Llandarcy to participate in the rugby. The team consisted of, Nathan Dev, Luca O’ Keefe, Nathan Wells, Kian Owens, Ben Hill, Jayden O’ Keefe, Dylan  Webb, Harvey Mellows, Reilly Piper, Leo Davies and Harry Lambert (Although he couldn’t make it). As they arrived they practiced regularly. As the first match came around, it took a wrong turn. They lost 10-0 and Nathan D was already injured. But as they were already short of one player, despite the short recovery time, Nathan D chose to play on.

Then the second match came around. We tied 5-5 with Nathan D scoring the try. The third and final match came about, we accepted defeat at 10-5, conceding a last second try. With Nathan W scoring  the try for us. All and all, the results were disappointing, with the players dejected and beaten. Alas, we had to accept defeat. We interviewed the coach of the team, to see what we thought. “I’m really pleased with how the boys played. They gave one hundred percent effort and all ten played every minute of every game. While we did lose two games, we created chances to score tries.”

We have a cup game against Upper Nedd on Thursday 16th of February, we hope to see you all there.

Well readers, that’s the summary of the rugby match. Let’s hope we do better next time!


Written by: Bartosz Lesiak and Fletcher Gillings


School Instagram

We now have our very own School Instagram account to share with you some pictures of our daily activities.

The account name is StTheresesPrimary

You will also find a link to it at the bottom of the page under the Follow Us heading.

Due to privacy the account is set to private. If you have not been accepted as a follower by the account then could you please send in your username with your child.