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Oakwood park recount.

Oakwood Park.


We arrived at school at about 9am, not perfectly, but near. We walked into class but we didn’t put our bags in our lockers, because… We had a SCHOOL TRIP!!! It was Oakwood park. Mr. Rees did the register calling all of our names and then we replied. I was extremely excited to get to oakwood park. We picked up our bags and walked to the bus that was waiting for us outside. The bus was pretty big, I asked Artur if he wanted to sit next to me and he said yes. We were on the bus and I brought a rubber banana to keep myself entertained. Artur played with the banana and so did I. It was obviously not edible, but at least it was fun to play with. After we put the banana away, Artur and I were getting pretty bored so we just stared outside the window. Nothing interesting happened, we just saw houses and fields. After a couple of hours, we finally arrived. Year five and six stepped outside of the bus to enter Oakwood park. After we got there, We all decided that it would be a good idea to go on Megaphobia first. After it was done, we were so excited to get on another ride. The second ride that we went on was treetops, it wasn’t as fun as Megaphobia in my opinion but it was ok. After a couple of rides, we ran to our bags to go and eat some of the food we had packed in our packed lunches.


After our food, we were able to have free time, which meant that we could walk around the park by ourselves. After a couple of rides that I couldn’t remember, we went on my personal favourite ride, speed. We actually managed to get on it twice in a row, Speed is my favourite ride because it is really fast and it has a loop and also a twist. Speed is also one of my favourite rides because of the first drop.

Angrily and sadly, we had to go back to the place with our packed lunches.


We took our stuff and Mr. Rees counted us all to check if we were all back. Obviously we were, so we just walked back to the bus and stepped in. Artur and I got a seat each and we were making our way back. Happily and Gracefully, we were all happy for the experience that we had on that trip. Our Parents and siblings, also our guardians were waiting for us outside of the school. We stepped out and told my sister all about what happened at Oakwood park.


At the end of the day, I was extremely happy that I was able to come to Oakwood park. If we wouldn’t have gone to Oakwood park, if we didn’t have all that fun, if we didn’t have all that experience then I wouldn’t have been so happy at the end of the day.


The Cats Collar II

 The Cats Collar II  

           Image result for cat collar camouflage                   

“End of class!” Said Mrs Perfect “See you all in school tomorrow!”

It was the end of school in Catford Primary and Lucy and Violet were talking about the sleepover they were going to have on the weekend. They were going to go to Violets house.

Lucy had an Irish look to her, she had ginger hair, pale skin and emerald green eyes. Violet on the other hand had silky brown hair, olive skin, sparkling eyes and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen.

It was the day of the sleepover and the two girls were very excited. The end of school came very quickly, Violet’s mother came to pick the two girls up. They came out of school holding hands with a big smile on their faces. “Hello girls did you have a nice day at school?” Asked Violet’s mum.

“Yes, thanks we are so excited for the sleepover, has Bobble been ok today?” Replied Violet.

Bobble is Violet’s cat she had him when he was a little kitten Violet was only 2! The only reason she picked him was…well his bright pink nose of course!! They both grew up together and were as happy as can be. “He has been wonderful Violet I thought because your teacher said you were very good today we could go to Mc Donalds for a treat.”

“Yes please!!”Shouted the girls.

When they arrived it was four o’clock. Lucy ordered chicken nugget Happy Meal with Fanta and a mc flurry then Violet ordered a- cheese burger Happy Meal with lemonade and a mc flurry.” Hope you enjoy your meal girls we will have to go back to the house so Bobble doesn’t get to lonely and I suspect you girls want to see him.” Said Violet’s mum in a cheerful voice.

When they arrived at Violets house it started to rain, “Quick get inside everyone!” Shouted Violet’s mum. When they got inside they saw Bobble on the sofa sleeping as usual “Bobble!!!” shouted Violet, “I missed you so much did you miss me?”

“Meow meow!”,Replied Bobble.

Lucy and Violet put their bags on the hooks and went upstairs. In Violets bedroom she had pink walls with a single bed with fairy lights at the back and obviously a king cat bed in the corner of her room for Bobble. “Look over there!” Said Lucy. Violets mum had left sweets, chocolate cookies and milk for their midnight feast “Thank you mum!” Shouted down Violet. “Your welcome.” Replied mum.


Night soon came and Lucy and Violet put on their pajamas. Lucy had Penguin pajamas and Violet had cat pajamas obviously! (Are you kind of getting the idea of this Violet AKA crazy cat lady!) Bobble was laying on the bed (As usual!) “Night, night girls see you in the morning” Bang went the door and Lucy and Violet were tucking into their midnight feast.

All of a sudden there was a flash of light “What was that?” Asked Lucy

“I don’t know but I think we might find out!” Bobble’s collar was sparkling just like it did three years ago and there it was the tag it said, ‘Do not remove’ The two girls knew exactly why it said that. There was confusion in the air, but the light must have shone on Bobbles fur and now he was scratching it! “Oh no!” Shouted Violet “Here we go again!” Just like that they were all gone.

When they could see again they were outside and it was cloudy, before the girls could say anything there standing in front of them was the biggest boat ever! Lucy and Violet made their way to the plank and people were getting on the boat. It was very noisy and the two girls had no idea what was going on or where they were.

A woman came up to the girls and said, “Are you girls ok you look a bit lost my name is Miss Williams.” There was a tall dark haired lady standing in front of them she looked very happy (unlike the weather) The girls didn’t know who she was but they needed a bit of help.

“Well we are a bit lost, do you know where we are by any chance?” Asked Violet “Yes see that big boat over there it’s the… Titanic people are boarding the ship, I am going to see my mother and father in New York.” Replied Miss Williams.

The girls looked at each other. Then Lucy whispered, “I don’t think we should go on, the Titanic sinks doesn’t it? I think we should tell Miss Williams.”

“We have to go on it otherwise there would be no story!” Said Violet in an angry sort of way “We should tell her though it would be mean not to.”

So they walked across to the lady and explained what would happen to her but she disagreed and just said, “Look girls it will be fine and no one can tell the future if you like you can stay with me because well I don’t see any parents of yours around here do you have tickets?” Asked the lady

“No so we don’t really know how we are going to get on.” Said Violet but just then she could feel something furry on her neck. It was Bobble! He had been in Violet’s bag the whole time just like last time when they were in World War II he must like it a lot. “Hello Bobble!” Said Lucy, “I think you like it in there don’t you?” Next to the lady there was a big empty suitcase “What’s that for?” Asked Violet.

“Well, when I get to New York my mother and father have got something for me! They just told me to bring an extra big suitcase, I think they’re giving me something considering they don’t see them that much.” Answered Miss Williams “Hang on I just had an idea, you girls can get into my bag and sneak onto the ship because otherwise without tickets you can’t get on the boat.”

The girls looked at each other in thought, “Well, there had to be a story otherwise there was no point in reading this far! Last time we went back to the future, well the real time, we were still alive, when a bad thing was about to happen like the bomb we went back to the present, so I don’t think anything will happen to us this time, please I promise nothing will happen!” Pleaded Lucy.

“Fine but what will happen to Miss Williams? She can’t come back she might not survive there’s not enough boats!” Replied Violet nearly crying.

“We will make sure she survives, come on she is waiting!” Shouted Lucy.

They walked over to the chirpy Miss Williams “So are you going to come on the ship with me?”

“Well yes please we had a talk and if you look there aren’t enough boats for everyone if it does sink not many people will survive, it is a bit dangerous.” Said Violet “Well I hadn’t noticed that before, but the Titanic is unsinkable, but it’s time to get on the boat hurry up girls there’s no time to lose!” Replied Miss Williams. Violet had been holding Bobble in her arms but then put him back in her bag so they could get into the suitcase.

“Squeeze over I can’t get in!” Shouted Lucy, they were trying to get into the suitcase but even though it was gigantic it was still a very tight squeeze. Eventually they both got in, but poor Miss Williams had to carry the suitcase with 2 girls and a cat! When they got to the top of the ramp Miss Williams gave the ticket, and the bags passed the criteria (you could not have any more than three bags) the ticket was for 3rd class so they were at the bottom of the ship.

When they found their room it had a single bed and a bunk bed “I call top bunk!” Shouted Lucy.

“Well then I guess me and Bobble have got the bottom bunk.” Replied Violet, “Speaking of which I should get Bobble out of my bag he must be a bit fed up by now.” Violet got Bobble out of her bag and he jumped up onto the bed and curled up. Miss Williams looked at her clock, time had flown, it was quarter to nine! (in the evening) way past Bobble’s bed time (And yes, he does have a bedtime even though he is meant to go out at the night, like any girl, even though Bobble is a boy he still needs his beauty sleep!)

Meanwhile, Miss William had put her stuff away in the wardrobe provided, because they were going to be in the ship for a week (well they thought), they were all tired so decided to call it a night.

Morning came, Violet asked, “Miss William what is your first name?”

“I was wondering when you’d stop calling me Miss William, it’s Autumn, Autumn Williams please call me Autumn.” Said Autumn in a cheery voice. They got changed and Violet and Lucy hadn’t brought any clothes so just put her old ones on from the day before. Autumn put on a floral dress with a shawl over the top. It was a very tight looking dress. Lucy had denim jeans and a cropped top with a unicorn on it and Violet had an off the shoulder all in one blue jump suit.

They walked for a while and arrived at little room which had tables and chairs that you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner at. They had to leave Bobble in their room because you couldn’t take animals in the room. If you were not first class you could not leave your animals in your cabin but they left Bobble there anyway. Dogs were kept in kennels on the ships F deck.

Lucy and Violet had ham and egg and Autumn had oatmeal porridge (the food didn’t look that nice).

When they got back to the cabin… the door was open! Where had Bobble gone? Just as they were about to start a big conversation there was a person on the tannoy and he didn’t sound very happy “This is your very angry captain speaking, there is a cat on first class deck whoever owns it better come and claim it otherwise the cat gets it, I want it claimed as soon as possible, the cat is black, brown and white!” It was certainly Bobble alright, he must have not liked 3rd class, first is much more his style! “Who was the last one out?” Asked Lucy.

“There’s no time to talk about whose fault it was we need to get Bobble NOW or there will be no Bobble!” Shouted Violet they all rushed out of the cabin and went to the passage where you could go up into the upper classes, but it was locked!

There was a man standing at the gate. “The cat that’s up in first deck it’s ours we need to go and get it, please!” Begged the girls. The man looked and stared “Well I’m afraid I can’t let you pass there are no adults with you and why have you got a cat in your cabin anyway?” Replied the man but the girls refused “That’s my cat I need to go and get it, can’t you hear let us pass!” Screamed Violet she was red as a tomato her heart was bubbling with fury “I NEED TO GO AND GET MY CAT! The captain said he want’s it claimed as soon as possible, and you are refusing to let us pass, ARRHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Violet felt like killing someone and she was pretty close. “There you are girls I’ve been looking for you.” Autumn winked at the girls “Finally a responsible adult are these your children?” Asked the man “yes we have lost our cat and we think it might have got up into first class deck, it’s black, brown and white just like the captain said when he was describing the cat, I’m begging you I just want to get our cat back.” Autumn said with tears in her eyes (fake tears, she was trying to persuade the man)

He got his walky-talky and whispered to the captain then he turned to Autumn “Miss, well I don’t know you name but you can go and get the cat, but your children will stay with me.” Said the man. Autumn looked at the girls. they decided for her just to go but would Bobble listen to her. He only listens to Violet he doesn’t even listen to Violets mum! It was worth a try, anyway it was the only thing they would let them do.

The man opened the gate and Autumn walked up the stairs. She walked a bit and then came to a door on it said 2nd Class but she carried on walking, she needed to get to 1st Class. Eventually she reached the door which said 1st Class. When she went in it was ciaos there was a VERY posh band, but no one was paying attention to it, all eyes were on…Bobble.

“Bobble!” Bobble looked at Autumn but just carried on running there was food everywhere! The poor cook all that effort, but Bobble was having the time of his life so why would he want to go?

Autumn tried and tried but it was no use. Meanwhile Lucy and Violet were worried “I don’t think Bobble is going to listen to her, please can we go and help her we are old enough.” They both had their puppy eyes but that wasn’t going to fool the man “Girls, I have told you the captain said you are not allowed up there, if you carry on I will have to call the captain!” Shouted the man “But you don’t understand the cat will not listen to the lady you sent up there he will only listen to me, if you want that cat out of there and under control then let us up there how dumb are people these days, how did you ever get a job dumb brain!” Screamed Violet. She was boiling with fury now and this man wasn’t helping.

Meanwhile poor Autumn was still trying to get Bobble he was running away from her and not listening to ANYONE! Eventually someone got Bobble in their arms and gave him to Autumn.

Back to Lucy and Violet, the man at the gate walked around a corner and out of sight because he had to talk to the captain, but little did he know he left the key to the gate in! (He is very dumb) they sneaked through the gate as quietly as they could. They started to call out “Autumn, Bobble where are you!” Next to them they saw an open door it had no sign on it, but the girls didn’t know that the doors to the different classes had signs on them, so they just walked into the room, but just then there was a massive BANG!

All was dark, Lucy and Violet were scared. Violet remembered something “Lucy doesn’t that necklace you always wear have a light on it?” Asked Violet. “OMG Violet you’re a genius but how am I going to turn the light on id I can’t see?” It took Lucy and Violet a good ten minutes before Lucy could turn the light on but with some hard work they got the light on. “AAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH!” Screamed the girls standing there was a little boy their age around 10 or 11 “Who, what.” Spluttered Lucy there were so many questions to ask. “Hi, my name is John and your name is?” He looked at Violet and smiled “My name is Violet and that is Lucy.” Violet was blushing badly now but there was nothing she could do. She had never had a crush before and she had never been in a relationship. John had chocolate brown hair and ocean blue eyes. “Ok, ok Violet that’s enough we need to get out of here come on let’s try the door.” They walked over to the door (which was about 3 steps)

“What are we going to do is there anything we can smash the door down with?” Asked Violet. They looked around but there was nothing there. Just then they could hear a key going into the lock they were going to get out! The door creaked open and there he was the man that was standing at the gate, “You thought you could get away did you well you have fallen into the same trap as I set for you!” He pointed at John “You’re not coming out of here so don’t try anything stupid.” He went back and locked the door behind him. The only thing they could do now was shout “Help is anyone there? Can you here us.”

At that moment up in first class Autumn walked out of the door with Bobble in her arms very proud of herself that she managed to catch him (even though she didn’t) Bobbles ears pricked up and he lunched out of Autumns arms like a rocket and shot down the stairs. Autumn ran after him, eventually he stopped, when Autumn got closer she could hear faint shouting “Autumn, Bobble where are you can you her us?” She knew exactly who it was. She started running. Even faster now, she started shouting “Lucy, Violet I’m coming don’t worry!” Called back Autumn. She got to where Bobble had stopped, and it was right outside the door that they were all trapped in. “Girls I’m here?” Shouted Autumn “Help get us out of here the man at the gate it was him he locked us in here we tried to come and help you can you get us out please?!”

“Calm down, I will get you out just stay calm otherwise it won’t help anyone!” She looked around and then she had an idea that morning she put a bobby pin in her hair! She could pick the lock with it and get them out! It was brilliant.

She started by bending the pin into shape and then put it in the key hole and started to twist it. Eventually she heard a click, she had done it! She opened the door and well she had a big surprise there was a little boy in there with them. “This is John he got locked in to.” Said Lucy.

“Bobble you’re there!” Shouted Violet. She picked him up and hugged him she had missed him ALLOT! It wasn’t all over yet though they had to get back through the gate.

When they reached it, the man was talking on his walky-talky. So, they squeezed through and raced down the hallway “Hey! Stop come back!” Shouted the man but just then Autumn and John started to fade away and they could see pink walls and a bed, and they were both back in their pajamas! We are back and it’s only 9 PM!”

It was Monday morning and the sun was shining and as you would have guessed they were learning about the titanic. “Here is a list of the people that sadly died on the titanic.” Said Mrs Perfect and on that list was the name John Bill Simpson.

Violet looked at Lucy and she had tears in her eyes, but she knew that he would always be there. Autumn was one of the very lucky survivors that was in the survivor list.

They all lived happily ever after until…

The Cats Collar





Big Pedal Challenge

Sustrans Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge that inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school. Register for the challenge at:

How it works

This year’s challenge will run from 23rd April – 4th May and is open to individual classes as well as whole schools. On each day of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest proportion of their pupils, staff and parents cycling or scooting to school. A school’s best five days will determine their final position, but they can log journeys on all ten days if they wish.

Winners of the Big Pedal Challenge will receive an exclusive Sustrans Big Pedal trophy.

Around the world in 10 days

Earlier this year, Mark Beaumont travelled the world in 78 days by bike. We invite you to follow Marks journey, going ‘around the world in 10 days’ by cycling or scooting to school as part of Sustrans Big Pedal 2018. On each day of the challenge, schools and classes can follow Mark’s route by tracking your progress on a Big Pedal world map.


Schools and classes will be entered into daily prize draws for rewards including bike and scooter stunt shows and equipment if over 15% of your school cycle or scoot on each day of the challenge.

2017 was an amazing year

On average 25% of pupils at participating schools took part every day – amazing when you consider just 2% of pupils use cycling in the UK as their usual way to get to school. If those journeys had been made by car, we saved over 847 tonnes of CO2 and over 79,000 gallons of fuel, costing over £384,000.


In 2017, thousands of children across the UK transformed in to their favourite superhero for the day to celebrate the finale of The Big Pedal. The day was a great success and raised thousands of pounds for Sustrans. We will be running the superhero event again during the 2018 challenge, on the final day, Friday 4th May. Parents, staff and children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite superhero, decorate their bikes and scooters or purchase our exclusive Big Pedal superhero wheelie transfers. Transfers can be bought from our online shop, and given out during the challenge.


Who can take part in  the Big Pedal 2018?  All schools in the UK can take part in the Big Pedal.

How do I register? A school must register online on the Big Pedal website. You will need your school identification number (DfES/SEED/Inst Ref Number) and the details of a staff representative who will responsible for entering journeys throughout the challenge. Schools who register before 2 April will receive a resource pack in time for the challenge start date, but schools can register at any time ahead of the challenge.

We can’t commit to the full challenge, can we still take part? For schools unable to record five journeys over the challenge weeks, we also have a one-day version, which can include cycling and scooting activities in the school day as well as on the journey to school.

Can I see which schools in my area are taking part? Yes. There is a list of schools that have registered on the website which you can search alphabetically, by school name or Local Authority. You can also view a map of schools taking part.

Is the challenge fair for small/large schools? Yes. Schools enter their whole school roll or individual class size at registration and their daily score is produced by working out the percentage of pupils that have cycled or scooted to school in relation to their school or class size. There are three categories: Small Primaries (fewer than 250 pupils), Large Primaries (250 pupils or more) and Secondary Schools. Schools with fewer than 35 pupils are required to enter the class challenge.

Be part of something BIG

We’re setting our sights high for Sustrans Big Pedal 2018 and aiming to encourage 2,000 schools to take part. Help us achieve our target and take part in the biggest Sustrans Big Pedal ever!

Click on the posters below to view:

bike 2

bike 1

Super Movers

The BBC and the Premier League are on a mission to energise young minds and get kids moving to the Super Movers beat.


Trailblazer School

We are proud to be a Trailblazer School for Super Movers. This means, we are one of a handful of carefully selected group of schools nationally to input into the Super Movers campaign.

Acting as a Trailblazer School we will:

  • Use as many of the Super Movers brain booster films as often as we can
  • Get sneak previews on content and the latest news  
  • Encourage parents to participate at home
  • Advocate Super Movers to other school leaders
  • Take part in real-time surveys of teachers and pupils about how their use and reaction of films
  • Be open to any potential press/filming opportunities throughout the campaign


Super Movers aims to help teachers get their pupils moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League trophy. Active children do better and get more from their school day. Super Movers is bringing stars from the worlds of football and television together in fun educational videos to capture children’s imagination and get them moving.


The BBC and the Premier League have launched Super Movers, an exciting partnership which will help primary school teachers to inspire children to become more active throughout their school day and enhance their learning.


Super Movers Families

Super Movers will also help encourage families to live active lifestyles and can be used at home with a range of ‘Just For Fun’ videos and games designed to get children and grown-ups moving together in their living rooms.

Here’s a link to our Super Movers ‘Family: Just For Fun’ content:


Social Media

We encourage schools to take their own photos/videos of children enjoying our resources and share this across social media

Please use hashtag: #SuperMovers and tag the following handles:





The Strange Machine in the Basement

The strange hole in the basement


“Thank you for coming to the unveiling of the X59Z the world’s first cloning DNA machine , ” announced the President , ” and a great thank you to my team of scientists the leaders of the project Dr John Sullivan and Dr Lindsey Smith and thank you to the other scientists Dr William Steinfield , Dr Whitney Hale and Dr Shawn Dawson. I will now demonstrate the machine’s greatness. “The president plucked out a dark brown hair from his head then he put the hair into a compartment in the machine and the X59Z ate the hair like a bird feeding on a worm. Then Dr Sullivan stood inside the machine .The metallic, silver curtain slid open and President Larry.J.John came out the President shook hands with his doppelganger while staring in his eyes with awe. Everyone gasped. A woman in the crowd exclaimed, ” Where did the other man go?!” The Presidents clone said, “I am still the same person it is just the President DNA made me look and sound like him .We see photographic technology like when a photo breaks up into small pieces and comes back together again, because the President’s hair contained photo of him but not really it was DNA and it got transferred and now I am his clone, but I can do the reverse. “John went back into the machine and the President pulled a lever and he came back the same man he was before.

John is twenty-eight years old he was born in LA and came to Washington to study science and get a degree and he ended up working for the President. His father was best friends with the president when he was younger so he became a scientist. His father, Samuel Sullivan was a NASA astronaut and saved the world from a massive meteor by heading in to it .Sadly he and his team died but they were remembered as heroes.

Lindsey who was twenty-eight was born in Alabama. She was a genius! When she was three years old she completed a high school degree and she aced every single test she ever had! She secretly had a crush on John but she has never told him that she loved him but it was hard see him every day and not tell him the truth.  Her mother was called Michelle but Lindsey didn’t talk to her father. Her mother was a great help to Lindsey and one of the biggest parts of her life.

After the opening of the X59Z all of the scientists went into the lab but John; he saw somebody that the president had not invited to the opening and he was acting shifty and nervous but unlike all the other guests he went down a corridor to the basement. After the opening ceremony the machine was moved to the basement and hidden from all of the guests just in case somebody tried to steal the classified technology of the machine. The person who was acting shifty was caught on the security cameras three weeks before, before the security camera system was shut down for some reason?

So John followed the stranger without making a sound but he disappeared. There were three corridors he could have gone down but John had never been here before. It had been restricted to only very important members of the American Government. The one question in john’s head was how did he know where to go? So John went and told bob the security guard and they shut down the White House, so all of the guests who were drinking champagne and eating food had to run out. Doors started shutting automatically and riot were happening .People falling everywhere everybody thought that someone was shooting at the White House. Finally when all of the guests fled the President ran to security; He asked, “What’s going on? John replied, “Somebody was caught in here three weeks ago on the security cameras here is the footage we had of him before the security camera system shutdown.” Just as John was showing the President the photo of the stranger Lindsey came sprinting in, she panted, “Why did you shut down the White House? I came here from the biggest lab and who is that footage of?”  “She was crying. “That man ran down to the basement but I didn’t know my way, so I couldn’t follow him.” John said depressingly before he could say any more Dr Shawn came running in, “It’s gone! The X59Z is gone!” John, the president and Lindsey looked at each other and then … the lights shut off. When they came back on the President was gone.


The next day came it was raining, the sky was still dark. John and Lindsey went back to work and they couldn’t find the president. They did they’re normal jobs and on their lunch break they just walked around the White House and the found a room with a sign on it said that the President’s office. John and Lindsey looked at each other and opened the door.  It looked just like they thought Abraham Lincolns statue was in there the desk was in there and two chairs .There was one thing that seemed strange. There was a warm cup of coffee and it was at that moment that they heard footsteps and the door creaked open. It looked like the president walk in and another man did. John and Lindsey were hiding in the cupboard trying to be silent and they said, “Now he have the X59Z part of our plan is complete all we need to do now is” And the presidents secretary walked in and gloomily said, “The German Chancellor is waiting for you. ” The President left and so did the other man. John and Lindsey came out of the cupboard and came out of the President’s office Lindsey asked John, ” Who was that other man in there and the President didn’t act like his normal self so what do you think has happened and why did he say that we have now got the X95Z our plan is nearly complete well something like that?” John answered, “I think that that wasn’t actually the president I think that man we saw lurking around the place yesterday stole the machine and took some of the real President’s DNA and has now got some sort of plan. But I don’t know what it is but he obviously has someone helping him. ”Then he exclaimed, “WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA!” So he just took Lindsey to the secret service office and he asked one of the agents, “Have you got a key to the basement we can borrow?”, “Why? You’re not permitted to use it.” The agent asked. “The President gave me permission.” Then John showed the agent a signed piece of paper with the President’s signature on it. The agent threw the signature on the table and acted like a boxer punching a table but quite literally punched the table.

They went to the basement door and inserted the key into the key hole and the door creaked open.

The basement was a dark and gloomy place .There were photos of people from around 100 years ago but there was one thing that stood out was a weird shaped machine and it had a photo of an old team of scientists next to it. But Lindsey was looking around to see if there were clues left behind to where the machine and the President were. Lindsey found a piece of paper on floor and it said:

From President Hello Emmet Leave Please

Go to the Mountain of the Gods in 21 Wind Street

“What is that meant to mean?” Questioned John and then they heard loud footsteps coming not from the way they came to the basement but from somewhere inside the walls, “quick lets hide.” John whispered .He was a genius when it came to hiding so they hid behind a wall. “We are going to find any of the clues and evidence and we are going to keep them so Finn can’t find them.” Said a deep voice. John peeped around the corner. There were two men and both of the men had a knife John couldn’t see the men’s faces but he knew they were looking for the president’s note because they got really mad that it wasn’t there and they shouted, ” When we came here an hour ago it was here so the person that took it must still be here, “. After that something really bad happened John’s phone went off, one of the other scientists Dr Whitney Hale had rung him and it was then that the two men started running towards them. John and Lindsey started running but the only place they had to go was a hole in the floor. But didn’t take any notice of. John glanced at the two men just before they nearly succeeded in shooting him as he went in the machine. They were the two other scientists that worked on the X95Z project with John, Lindsey and Whitney .They were Dr Shawn Dawson and Dr William Steinfield. Shawn was a dark skinned handsome muscular man who was 24 years old and was quite rich. William was a laidback man who people called Billy for short. He was 26 years old and had brown hair. John was very surprised when he saw who was chasing them but he had no time to speak .They just went into the machine and fell down a very deep hole and were gone.

They woke up after a few hours and they had cuts and bruises but other than that they were fine. They woke up, stood and looked and there was rubble everywhere and John said calmly, “How long have we been here and why is there rubble everywhere?”  “I don’t know why either let’s finally get out of here.”Lindsey replied.

They got upstairs to the first floor of the White House. Everything was the same but it seemed fine. People were working and talking .People having arguments so no change. Suddenly somebody fainted and dropped and everyone else did and then John fainted and then Lindsey too.

Lindsey opened her eyes faintly and saw a weird man with a camera taking a photo of all of the people who had fainted on the floor and he was muttering to himself, “now what have we got here an unconscious person from breathing in volcanic chemicals I will try CPR, “Lindsey shouted at him and said, “Alright why are you videoing me? “ The stranger replied, “I want to show the people of the future how the last civilization died out. “John woke up surprised at the scene he said, “Oh hello how am I on the floor? “ The stranger answered quickly, “You breathed in volcanic chemicals and it made you faint.” “OH thanks, not to be rude but who are you?” Asked John. “My name is Freddy Fredson and I live in a tepee on the highest mountain in Washington. Care to come to my home I will tell you all about how the world will end because of a super volcanic eruption. ”What um ok.”

So they went to Fred’s Tepee and he showed them a diagram of the earth’s plates, “Something unnatural has been shoved into the earth’s plates to make them move and now the world’s worst volcano will occur the day after tomorrow on the 29th of November and all of the human race will be wiped out unless the artificial object can be removed or destroyed but it would be impossible to do that so enjoy life while you can. OH would you like a cup of coffee? ”So all of the human race will be wipe d out tomorrow if someone doesn’t do something about it .”Asked John. “Yes pretty much. “. John ran out of the Tepee and Lindsey followed him, “Bye strangers. “Said the hippie “Bye, thank you! “Shouted Lindsey waving. John was very overwhelmed and so was Lindsey .They went back to their houses and they went to bed.

The day after John rang Lindsey and said, “I need to go back to that crazy hippie’s tent today for him to explain more, bye.” He hung up the phone before Lindsey could say hello.

John sprinted a few miles to the Hippie’s tent and went inside. He wasn’t in there.All of his belongings were gone well apart from a picture of John and his father when he was a child .He had never seen a photo of his father and him before and this touched him and puzzled him at the same time. He put the picture in his backpack. And then he saw a watch in there that was Billy’s watch the man that had tried to stab him before he fell down the hole and he ran to Lindsey’s home and told her that he found the picture and the watch and she was just as puzzled . Lindsey suggested, “Maybe Shawn and Billy kidnapped Fred because he told you the truth?” “But how would they know that he told us about the volcanic eruption?” “John, they have secret service agent friends that could have bugged every house phone object I mean anything he could have been looking through all of the bugs and heard his plan being told by Fred the hippie.” “Well we have to do something but what?”

It was the next day but the date was the 27th of November and John looked in his backpack. He still had the watch and the picture so he thought he must have gone back in time when he fell through the hole. He told Lindsey that and she believed him. John asked Lindsey if she wanted to hear his idea but he told her before she could answer. He said that he should drive a spaceship into the object to destroy it but Lindsey said he shouldn’t because he would die. He said that it didn’t matter because his father would be proud of him but he wanted to go along with the plan anyway no matter what Lindsey thought. So that afternoon they drove to the National American Space Agency. A few years before John had designed a titanium space craft that can withstand any hit and it couldn’t melt with heat. Because he designed it he asked if he could ride it into the earth’s plates to remove the object they had to say yes because he worked for the president and he explained to the people who worked at NASA what had happened and they let him into the room where the spaceship was.It was phenomenal. It was just a silver spike and the top was so sharp it could pierce through a mountain. It looked like a silver torpedo.

An engineer said it would be ready tomorrow the day before the volcano eruption. John prepared himself the night before, he was very nervous to die and crash in the object. It was so scary it was unbearable. John woke up had granola for breakfast. He went to NASA he tested the rocket and buckled in and he got ready. Lindsey was in mission control she was leading the flight and she did the countdown…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Blast Off!

John was terrified he felt his life flash before his eyes as he ascending from the building but a failure occurred. The rocket hit a mountain and John flew out with his parachute. The door opened and he got sucked out. Everybody thought the mission failed but John was still in the astronaut’s seat everyone clapped with joy and they entered the North Pole. After 4 hours the rocket went inside of a hole and went inside the earth. John started sweating because it was so hot. It was like it was as hot as the sun and they were now only 1 hour from the earths plates .The clock was ticking and it was getting closer. After a while it was 10 minutes until collision …5 minutes..2 minutes and now everyone in mission control felt very depressed Lindsey said, “John can I tell you one thing before you go.” ”yes.” Replied John, “I love you and I wish I now had the chance to just be with you one more time in person .I will miss you and I will never ever forget you. You’re the first person I have ever loved. “She cried she was flooding with tears as there was only 30 seconds until collision. John’s last words were, “I am not John I am Fred.” He hit the object and he died instantly. Then Lindsey and all of the other people working for mission control heard ambulance sirens and they had a man on a stretcher with a neck brace on his head and the doors of the ambulance were shut and the ambulance sped to the hospital. Then Lindsey had a phone call from her best friend who was a paramedic called Sarah she exclaimed, “Sarah you’ve got to come to the hospital now your colleague  John has been critically injured with a blow to the head you need to come now , fast !” This was all very puzzling for Lindsey but she just listened to Sarah and she sped in her car to St Anthony’s Hospital at 80 MPH. She got to the hospital and saw John on a stretcher going in to a surgery fast. He went into the operating room and the doors closed. One hour later Lindsey had tragic news John was braindead but he was on life support Lindsey started crying she had heard that when you were braindead you can never come back. Lindsey went into John’s room and spoke to him, “John I never well I never got to tell you that I, love you and I will never have a chance to ever be with you because now your gone I left it too late.” A nurse came in and said sadly, “He will have to be taken off life support in 2 minutes, say goodbye.” The nurse walked out, “If only I could know if you ever loved me.” She despaired. “Then John’s lips started moving, “I do.” He was alive! It was a miracle Lindsey couldn’t believe it .She called a nurse he was fine he just had neck injuries but they weren’t severe. John got to go home after a few weeks he was glad to be out of the hospital because it was just a very gloomy place.

After a while John was able to walk properly and Lindsey told John that Fred took his place in the mission but John didn’t seem too surprised. “Lindsey, I think I know why Fred wanted to take my place. Because … He was my older brother.” “John what made you thinks that?” asked Lindsey” Well I never told you this but I found a photo of me and my dad here it is.”Answered John, “wait, wait do you see that teenage boy in the background it looks exactly like Fred. “Replied Lindsey ” Oh my gosh it does he must have been my long lost brother and we never knew and I think he is my brother because he looks exactly like my father and me and we all have the same colour eyes.” Said a surprised John,” Wait we have forgotten one thing, the letter we found from the President and why were Shaw and Bill trying to shoot us?” Lindsey studied the letter several times and she figured out what it meant , “do you know where it says in the letter Hello Emmet Leave Please the first letter of every word put together is help but what does Go to the mountain of the gods in 21 Wind Street mean ? ” “I know” shouted John , ” The mountain of the gods in Greek mythology is Olympus and Wind street is a street in Olympus and number 21 is that abandoned motorbike shop for BMW’s.” “Should we go there?” Shrugged Lindsey “Yes.” Replied John.

They arrived at the bike shop .It definitely looked abandoned. Windows were hanging off and it was in an alleyway by nowhere else .John and Lindsey crept up to the door and opened it slowly without making a sound. Shawn and Bill were there and so were the President and the X95Z. Bill and Shawn saw John and Lindsey and started shooting at them but then they saw who John and Lindsey were and stopped. “What you doing here man?” Asked Shawn” trying to save the President what are you doing here?” replied John, “the same as you,” answered Shawn. “But you were in the basement trying to shoot us so you could get the letter weren’t you?” “No I didn’t know that was you I thought you were the people who kidnapped the President that’s why we shot at you, sorry John.” muttered Shawn. “Ok we are here to find the president not to reunite with each other, come on let’s split up and when someone finds him they will shout to the others.” Me and John will go together and Bill you will go with Shawn together ok?” “yes.” Said everyone .John and Lindsey went to the attic and Shawn and Bill went to the Basement .In the attic and there was loads of junk. There was just boxes and storage and when they lost hope they accidentally fell into the wall but it was very hollow and they could hear somebody calling for help. So John hit the wall with the hammer and jumped down and so did Lindsey.  Then they found the President tied up against a pole. They called Shawn and Bill while and untying the President. Shawn and Bill came down and then they heard somebody coming but they had nowhere to go and then they saw who it was. It was Whitney Hale and the fake President. The fake president was called Finn and Whitney Hale was one of the other scientists on the team for the President. Everybody was very shocked to see who it was but they had no time before they tried seizing the President. John, Lindsey, Shawn and Bill managed to get the president out of the building and in a car. Whitney was shooting at the car the real President was in and the windscreen smashed .Glass was everywhere in the car but nobody luckily got hurt. After a while a police car came behind and shot Finn and Whitney car’s tyre and seized them. The scientists and the President all went back to the White House and after a few days things started to go back to normal .I n the end John and Lindsey got engaged and the president got back to doing his job and Whitney and Finn were arrested for life .

After a while Lindsey and John got married and they had children and they named them Fred, Samuel and Michelle. They all lived happily ever after for now.


My Hero Academia: Plus Ultra

It all began in China, in Qinqing City. There was news that a baby that gave off light was born. Ever since then, superpowers were discovered in various places and time passed without the cause being identified. Before we knew it, the supernatural became natural and dreams became reality. The world has become a superhuman society and about 80% of the population has some kind of special trait, or, as it’s commonly know as by the public, a Quirk. In this world swirling in chaos, the profession that everyone had admired came into the limelight. That profession, is hero. Along with the superpowers came an explosive increase in crime. As the country was stuck in the slow progress of drastic law reforms, courageous people started performing heroic acts from out the comic books. Guarding against superpowers and defending against evil, heroes were soon accepted by the public and it was established as an official position. Based on their performance, they are paid by the government and gain renown upon the masses. There are academies for becoming a hero. The best, and most recognisable, is UA. Though the acceptance rate is 1 in 300, so only the shiniest of stars can get in. And Matsudo Takuji is one of them.


His goal for being a hero was already set in stone by the time he had manifested his quirk, by the age of four. Yes, it was a beauty to behold. His mother had smelt smoke in Matsudo’s room. Curious, she rushed up the stairs and went into said room. The smoke was still there, so it wasn’t the food in the oven burning. She took a step inside and let me tell you, she felt the amazing feeling of delight and distress as she took a look into that room. She opened the door to see that half of it was on fire and her four year old was also on fire, but sitting there like it was fine. But the fire wasn’t just your regular fire. No no no, it was… a rainbow fire. A fire that was ten times the strength of a normal fire. But as soon as she saw her son she knew what this was. He had manifested his quirk. But there was no time to celebrate, so she quickly grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and after fifteen minutes of spraying, she managed to put her son and the room out. But as she picked her son up to get him out of the room, she smiled at him with a large, proud grin. She knew from that moment, he was going to become a hero. “I’m sorry for setting the room on fire, mommy.” Matsudo told her but she didn’t care. “I guess I’ll have to tell your father later.” His mother told Matsudo, “He of all people would like to know.” His mother went on the phone for a short while to inform Matsudo’s dad that his Quirk had manifested. You could hear the shock in his dad’s voice on the phone, surprised but also happy, like the one you would hear if you were promoted. As soon as he finished work, he drove straight home to celebrate.


When he got back to school after the weekend, he had, without a doubt, the coolest quirk in class. Of course, Quirks were banned in school and therefore he couldn’t it until school finished. But when they saw it, they knew immediately that it was the best. It even beat Kuriko’s, the most popular boy in the class. And just like that, Matsudo took him over and became the most popular person in class. Now, Kuriko was not exactly a nice person. Ever since he took spot as number one in class, the glory had all gotten to his head. He’d gained a large ego. It had become like a food source, or a mother that always took care of him. Whenever he was in a tight spot or was unhappy, he just reminded himself of his number one position. But now he wasn’t. He had nothing to be proud of. His food source had stopped, his “mother” had died. Furthermore, he became obsessed with his anger-filled grudge. Eleven years later, he just snapped.


Matsudo and his group of friends had been talking in the park by the school. They’d been talking for around two hours, until suddenly, a large voice came from the nearby woods. “Hey, Kuji!” They had heard a voice that could’ve only belonged to Kuriko. “Hm?” Matsudo replied, while a look of confusion came upon his face. He turned around and his emotions instantly switched from confusion to worry. He saw him speeding through the forest nearby, a scowl of anger embedding his face. After reaching Matsudo and is fellow classmates, he smugly challenged him. “For all these years you’ve been bragging about how your quirk is ten times stronger than normal fire, ooh! Well, I’ll be the judge of that!” Kuriko threw a punch just off Matsudo’s face. “Listen, I don’t think a fight’s neccesary, really!” Kuriko threw another punch. “Would’ve thought that a chicken like you, inbreed!”. And by that word the battle had began. Matsudo set his arm on fire. Kuriko did this too, though there were noticable differences between his and Kuriko’s flame. “HA!” they both shouted as they threw their punches. They punches had clashed but Kuriko had clearly taken more damage. Matsudo, noticing that Kuriko was temporarily stunned from the clash, charged forward and punched Kuriko right in his perfect jawline! This didn’t help his mood. He rushed forward, his anger burning like a furnace. Matsudo had prepared for a frontal assault but just as Kuriko got close he leaped into the air, catching Matsudo by surprise. Kuriko was an inch away but Matsudo managed to side step just in time, making Kuriko land face first onto the ground. He managed to quickly get up and went straight for Matsudo head. Just like his previous attempts, he ended up taking the damaged. This trend continued for the vast majority of the fight. Kuriko’s stubbornness stopped him from forfeiting but every time he tried to do damage, he ended up with another injury. Over and over. A punch here, kick there; until eventually, he let his anger take control. “DON’T GET COCKY!” Kuriko shouted as he shot out a blitz wave of flames towards Matsudo. Unlike his other futile attempts, this actually managed to damage him. “Time to fight fire with fire, quite literally!” Matsudo retaliated by shooting a larger wave of rainbow fire towards Kuriko, damaging him even further. Thanks to this, Kuriko could barely walk. But his reckless nature made him rush towards Matusdo. Though, he was going much slower than before. He tried to blast out another blast of fire, but Matsudo had already caught his hand. “Give up, Kuri.” This was a warning, a warning that should’ve been taken cautiously. But, in return, Kuriko uttered one word that sealed his fate “Inbreed”. He then shot out a full power blaze straight at Matsudo head, damaging the forest and wildlife nearby. This, in turn, aggravated Matsudo. “How could you burn down those trees? There was a squirrel family living nearby!” He exclaimed, with an equal level of anger and despair in his tone. “They just let themselves be hit!” Kuriko justified. This just added to Matsudo level of anger. He rushed towards Kuriko and once again clashed fists with him, this time at full power. As if they had read each other’s mind, they prepared to blast each other at full power. They gave each other death glares, as a clear sign of their anger at one another. 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1…


Nobody remembers what happened that day, most likely due to the trauma. What people do know, is that it involved ten different fire brigades from neighboring cities, a long parent teacher talk, and Matsudo and Kuriko being moved, far, far away from each other. They were forced to never see each other again, in case of an incident like this happening again.

4 years later…

Just another day in Korito Town. Shops are open, people are walking down the streets and life can’t be better. The seniors have graduated from the local high school, most likely trying to be accepted into a hero academy. Chances are, they probably won’t be accepted into UA, the world’s greatest academy. Not everyone, at least. There are certain people in the world, who spend their lives refining their quirks enough that they become heroes. Others are just born lucky, with an amazing quirk and amazing genes and get through the entrance exam with little to none difficulty. And the final kind of people, get in through recommendations. Though not all people agree with it, there is a small percentage that get in through the method of simply being recommended to the school. This percentage is the highest level of skill you can get into and usually requires an amazing amount of skill, intellect or just the best quirk.


“Sorry!” Matsudo said as he bumped into an old gentleman while running. He had a tendency of daydreaming while walking and didn’t see where he was going. He continued to walk, until his movement was frozen by a BANG. The ground was shook by an incredible force. He turned to see a crowd of civilians cheering at something up ahead. So, like any other human being, he ran to crowd to see what on earth was going on. And he ended up cheering with them. It was a fight between a hero and a villain, probably the best thing that happens in a day. “Whoa, it’s Pumice!” Matsudo shouted as he recognized the white and chilling hero! He overheard some gossip about the villain from two men. “With a quirk like that, he must be a good villain!” “Nah, just another amateur. He was caught stealing hats from the nearby clothes store, until he was cornered and kinda lost it.” “A titanium quirk and just a simple thief?” The conversation stretched out from there but Matsudo wasn’t listening. He was focused on the fight. Ever since he was a kid, he had strongly enjoyed watching heroes fight. How their movement was flexible like a rubber band. How their battle styles copied the style of their quirks. Their speed, both mentally and physically. Their strength. Everything Matsudo had ever wished to be was decided in a hero’s fight. Eventually, Pumice froze the villain and the blockage that he had caused was stopped, letting people to get back to their duties. But boy was it a spectacle.


After seeing the battle, he knew what he wanted to do next. Once he got home, he rushed through the kitchen and up the stairs, only having time to wave to his mother when she welcomed him back. He got to his room and opened his laptop, adrenaline rushing through. He got onto the UA official website, calmed down and before he applied to the school, he checked out the alumni page. There they were, Storm Wolf, Quantling, NightOwl, and, the number one hero, Star Sentinel. He imagined himself as a pro hero, his face on this page. This tingled his senses and got him a bit excited while writing his application. He finished it, pressed send and had no regrets. Only time would tell if he actually got a shot at the entrance exam.


Well, he got through (no surprises). To give you a brief description so you can picture it, the entrance exam was a test of skill and quirk power. At the start, you would go into the auditorium and The Art Hero: Paintjob would give you a brief explanation. You would be up against four types of faux villains. The first three types would give you an amount of points, ranging in from one, to three. The fourth was a zero point villain that was a literal giant, being around eleven foot tall. They were advised to stay away from this faux villain, due to obvious reasons. There was also a secret kind of points, called rescue points. As the name states, you would be awarded an amount when you rescue another participant from a faux villain, most likely from the zero-point villain. After the test, he received a video from one of the school’s teachers, saying that he was accepted into the school and in total points scored, he came in third place. And now, let’s fast forward a few months.


The large school bell’s hammering was heard across the skies, prompting that the new school year had just began. But of course, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill school bell, nor school. This was UA Hero Academy (otherwise known as UA High), the crucible of dreams. It’s where those same dreams go under a four year metamorphosis and become a dream-like reality, where people end chaos in exchange of fame, fortune and glory. It was a large building, housing three large doors, all of which had UA’s globally recognized symbol inscribed on it. On the cement stairs leading up to these doors, you could see a colourful flame emitting from something. As you’ve probably already guessed, this was Matsudo. If you would take the time to look at him and write down a quick description, itwould’ve look more or less similar to this. Five foot eight; medium build; long hair, which was a slightly dimmed rainbow colour, obviously not from hair dye and amber eyes. He was observing the area, looking at all the other people talented enough to be accepted. He estimated around three hundred people, meaning that at least nine thousand others have failed the exams. This was only to be expected of UA, seeming as they tend to produce nothing but the best heroes from their core. He inhaled the fresh air from the trees next to the entrance and journeyed off to class.


Matsudo had metthe vast majority of the class, with the exceptions being the muted introverts hereand there. To list a few, there was Koke Miwa, who’s quirk made her an origami master and therefore always had at least five sheets of paper on her all the time. Karasu Tessai, who had a shape shifting quirk, automatically was the best person in the class, thanks to his great quirk and personality. Orito Sadou was a surfer dude with a water manipulation quirk. Yui Haniko was excellent with a quiver and the list went on. Soon enough, they heard somebody walking by the door. They instantly went into their seats, assuming it was their homeroom teacher. The door opened… to reveal a guy lying down on the floor on the floor. “Maybe he just likes naps.” Orito joked. Yui threw a paper airplane at the napping teacher. Nothing. “Maybe… HE’S DEAD!”. “Or maybe he-.” He was cut off by the loud voice of the guy. “Okay! Let’s stop before anybody thinks of something worse than that. Hey. I’m your homeroom teacher, Mr. Nibuiren, or as most of you might know me, The Justice Hero: Libreton. First off, you, girl, stop making origami (it’s really cool), rainbow hair stop setting yourself on fire (really cool), surfer dude, no floating water (cool cool) and I think that’s it.” “Second, meet me in the gymnasium in five minutes. ” He exited the room. You could hear a bunch of whooshing noises as he jumped to the end of the school, before starting a timer. Almost instantly, they ran out of the room and started racing towards the gym. Some people walked. Others used their quirks. Matsudo was one of these people. Fortunately, the school was fire resistant so he could freely use his fire blasts to launch himself forwards. Soon enough, the rest of the class caught up and, together, they opened the door. The size of it demolished that of the school doors. You could basically fit a football pitch inside of it.


“whoooOOOOOOOO⁓!”. “Um, what’s that?” Matsudo asked worriedly. He looked toward the ceiling and his mind went blank. Libreton riding a giant tower-like… thing to the bottom of the gym. “That’s insane!” Koke exclaimed with concern, “He’ll end up turning the floor into a crater of rubble!”. “What? Wait a second… that mute kid is running up to the center!” Karasu shouted with an even larger amount of concern. Nothing but a split second was between Libreton’s joyride and kid. But in that small amount of time, they had revealed eight tentacles hiding inside of their body, caught the tower and place it down to safety. “Ho ho, you’ve got yourself a very nice quirk there young lady! No wonder you got in through recommendations!” “Recommendations, huh? No wonder she was skilled enough to catch it.” Matsudo thought. “Those are the kind of reactions you need to become a hero!” Libreton told everyone “That entire stunt was a test, and only one person passed (though, not to say that the ride down wasn’t fun)!” He then turned around and pointed towards the fallen tower. “um, if you could be ever so kind and just, um, pick that up there… Thank you! This tower will also be a part of a trial that I have devised to test your abilities. I’ll be stretching this trial from today to Wednesday, making this a three-part trial, or a trilogy trial. The first: a trial of strength. You leave a dent, mark, scar, any kind of visible injury or make it fall to pass.” An evil grin was drawn onto his face “But don’t be… surprised, if you can’t get it first time. This tower weighs around five to ten tons (I can’t remember) and is made of a metal with strength that rivals diamond. Long story short, if your like the previous few, most of you probably won’t pass.” He then turned back into his jolly old self, “So, who’s going first?”


“Hmm…” Karasu thought as he stood up against the tower. “Let’s try… this!”

Karasu Tessai

Quirk: Shape Shifting

This quirk allows the user to change their physical form into another being that they’ve seen. However, if it is overused, it can cause major fatigue.


He turned into a gorilla and scaled the tower. “HAAA-OW OW OW!” He tried punching the tower, with little to none success. This basically continued for the rest of the trial, having tried this for continuous times with different forms. “Oh hey, a scratch. Phew, that was a workout.”. Next up was Koke. “Hey, guys! Which should I use, shurikens or a sledgehammer?” She asked her class in the sidelines. “Sledgehammer! Shurikens will be more fun but the sledgehammer has a high chance of denting it.” Orito responded. “Kay, thanks.” She threw out a bunch of tiny paper sheets and using nothing but hand gestures to guide the construction. It then solidified and slammed onto the ground.


Koke Miwa
Quirk: Paper Manipulation

The user can transform paper into an item by guide it with gestures, then harden it.


She then spun and threw it at the tower over and over again, until fifteen minutes later, a slight dent appeared. “Well, guess I’m up next.” . Orito said, nothing but relaxation in his voice.  In the sidelines, a slight amount of gossip had appeared. “What’s he so smug about? Water can’t exactly help him, can it?” Yui said, confused. The tentacle girl beside her sighed “You’re not the sharpest toll in the shed, are you?” “Excuuuse me?” “He’s obviously gonna make it rust and then punch it to leave a mark.” This highly offended Yui. But, as much as she wanted to shoot an arrow through her head, she was more focused on the trial. “Bet you 1000 jenny you’re wrong.” “2000” “You’re on.” Orito walked up and examined the bottom of the tower. He then looked up at the sidelines and smiled at the two gossipers. “So, tentacle girl, think I’ll be doing that super obvious thing that pretty much every other water quirk would do?” “Don’t mock me.” “Well, I’ve got news for you. See, unlike those guys, I’m actually creative. Let me give you a demonstration. Rainbow Boy!” Matsudo clicked his fingers and in a flash, the sprinklers came on. “WHY ARE THERE SPRINKLERS IN HERE? NOTHING IN HERE FLAMMABLE!” “Doesn’t have to be.” Matsudo said as he winked at Yui. Orito now had a ball of floating water above him, slowly growing as it absorbed the sprinkler water.


Orito Sadaou

Quirk: Hydrokenisis

The user can manipulate water with nothing but their mental power

“That should be enough.” Orito said when the ball had grown to ten meters in diameter. “HAAAAA!”. Orito had flooded half the room with the aftermath of the water-ball explosion. He then controlled the current so that it focused to the tower. “Oh, I see what he’s doing! He’s-” BANG! The tower had beaten her to it. He had focused unstable water towards the area that the tower was in, making it an easy target. They then heard the whoosh of Libreton’s jump from the side lines to the main floor. But when he looked up, he was… crying. “Oh, it’s been too long since somebody had come up with something as unorthodox as this. Oh, well, I better give you bonus points for the teamwork exam tomorrow.” He turned to face the class “We’ll be having to postpone the rest of the trial to tomorrow morning. Now, go to the cafeteria.” As they were walking out, Yui had remembered something important. “Where’s my 2000 jenny? HEY, TENTACLE GIRL!”


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Miranda’s Magic Umbrella

One early morning Miranda woke up before her alarm clock because it was her birthday and she was turning  six. The first thing that Miranda saw was that it was a big,  colourful umbrella in the corner of her bed room. ”A birthday present” She cried, ”This could be perfect for a day like this”. By the umbrella there was a card, it said ” Dear Miranda Happy Birthday” So Miranda put her wellies on, brought her umbrella and went outside by her street but something was different, the street looked like a land of Giants, the book she read last night. While she was walking she saw an enormous pair of glasses but she wasn’t surprised, so she put the glasses under her arm. Then she saw something in the front of her nose, there was a ring that said ”UP AND DOWN” so she pushed the ring and swoosh! When she was in the sky she did not need her umbrella anymore but she was using it as a parachute! But when something peeked through the clouds, she saw… A Unicorn! The unicorn had a shiny colourful horn with silky, rainbow hair and sparkly, pink wings. The unicorn also had pink, hard hooves with silver, big bow and blue, glittery stars. Suddenly the unicorn picked up Miranda and took her to her house. The house was made of sweets and candy. The carpet was made out of some bubble gum and the unicorns bed was made out of cotton candy! But Miranda got a little greedy, she started eating the cookie walls then she ate the gummy bear sofa but not the whole thing. When Miranda was full she was very ill, Miranda felt like she was going to explode. She tried to escape but she was so fat that she could’nt get out of the house! Miranda felt very scared, she took a piece of bubble gum  from the bubble gum floor, the bubble gum was so big it filled her mouth! So she chewed until it was very sticky so she blew a big, pink bubble and then… ”Crash”! the house fell down. The unicorn came back to the house surprised when she saw the house was in pieces. The unicorn forgave Miranda so she picked up Miranda and dropped her of at her street and she also gave Miranda her umbrella. The End.

Made by Jayleen Year 2

Typed up by Weronika Year 5

Planet To Planet – By Daniel (Year 6)



Dear (what I think is a) Diary,

Today I have discovered myself in somewhere… different. Somewhere, where nobody else could imagine. Tall trees, surrounding anyone who passes them, striking mountains watching everything that happens, covered in a thick, beautiful layer of snow. The clouds here are also abnormally different to my home planet, they seem to have something odd lurking inside them, for the moments that I have been on this odd planet, I’ve seen strange figures poking out of the fluffy as a sheep’s fur clouds…



I am still questioning the amount of things going on in this strange, peculiar world. It seems as though I have forgotten most things, how I’m here, my life before I arrived, heck, I even forgot my name! I do remember a few things though. I am 30-something years old, and a male. I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I seem to be wearing a bright, rose pink shirt with a brighter, yellow star placed in the middle, blue shorts with multiple pockets, and soft sandals to rest my feet upon. I don’t seem to remember anything that has happened in my life before I left my home world. I’m starting to miss its extraordinarily colourful and pretty creatures, and the overall way of life. What’s even more confusing in the fact that I left. Why would have I ever left?



I see it. My home planet. It’s in the distance but it seems incongruously different, I don’t know if it is my home, or if I’m in some alternate universe? I’m afraid that I’m going to be stuck here for the rest of my life, without anybody to help me through the obnoxious nights filled with the bizarre, strange creatures that lurk through twisting trees in the forest of the dark. I need help. I need to leave this place, and quickly. My mind is starting to forget even more things, I feel dizzy and confused. I am going to stay up this night to face the cruel animals, before packing up and heading to the mountains. When I’m there I will investigate the peculiar clouds, and hopefully finding a way out of this planet while doing so. If I don’t write any more in this diary, I didn’t manage to escape the monsters, but for now, I wish myself the best of luck.



I did it. One whole day of facing the forces of this planet. I arrived at the bottom of the mountains, and yet I still don’t have much hope of escaping. I’m cold, absolutely freezing to be exact. I didn’t entirely think this plan through though, I arrived at the bottom of the mountain at night, and slept through the beautiful morning… but now I’m back awake, ready to battle the mountains… at night. Night. For the small while that I’ve ‘lived’ on this planet, the nights have certainly been the worst. The gorgeous surroundings transform into deep field of evil. Since I’ve came across many irregular fiends and being as I’m waiting for morning to arrive, I will pass my time by describing the creatures to tell my fellow friends and family when I get back to my planet… if they are still alive, that is.


First of all there’s what I called a ‘Wowl.’ They are as common as an ant back on my home and they are annoyingly common. They have a plump blue body with an irregularly sized head, I often here them chirping like a bird, but other times they sound like an owl as if it had seen something horrible.


There’s also the ‘Grill,’ one of the most fierce and cruel beings on this place. It hates noises but unfortunately loves meat… it consists of a body mostly looking like one of which a bear has, however it’s enormous tail terrifyingly wraps around himself, stopping on top of its square head and casting a scorching hot blue flame on top of it. I managed to defeat one on the way here and I retrieved its brown fluffy tail which still somehow had its eternal flame on it.


I could stay here for hours and hours describing even more beasts but I need to get going up the mountain, however last but not least is the ‘Spaw,’ and despite its aggressive appearance, has actually helped me out on my journey to the mountain. A Spaw itself actually helped defeat the Grill and took the tail of it. I should have repaid it somehow, but I now regret my choice of killing it to get its spider-like metal head.


I remember this date for some particular reason. It seems important. Someday I should remember. Today is the day I can hopefully get back home and find out why I remember this day. Is it my birthday? An anniversary? Or just a day I somehow remember. I’m heading up the mountain currently. I combined the Grill’s fiery tail with the Spaw’s metallic head and together they made a perfect weapon. Not only is it a great grappling hook to help me climb up the mountain but it also is a perfect weapon too! I shall write back to you soon when I reach the top.


Change of plan. I’m halfway up the mountain and I’m freezing. I’m famished and I’m scared. I’ve got nothing to eat or nothing to drink and my Weapon/Hook is slowly deteriorating. My only source of heat, the Grill’s tail, is also starting to go out. And before this situation gets any worse I might as well hope for the best. The view from here is breath-taking, especially now in the dark of the night. Time is going slower than ever which buys me some time to think of a plan.


Help. Help me. I leant against the wall of the mountain and it crumbled apart. I fell down a massive hole which lead me back down to the bottom of the mountain, but there’s one more problem. I’m inside the mountain with no way out. I think I broke my leg from the fall and I can’t climb back up. I’ve lost all hope of ever making it back to my planet. I’m starting to remember more and more things though. I have a wife and three kids, whose names I still don’t remember. The last memory of me on my home planet was my family and I walking down to the town centre. Brining back these memories makes me feel even worse. I can’t think of anything else to do than sit here and starve.



I’m still alive, however worse than before. I’m even hungrier and I can’t deal with any of the strange sounds that I hear from above. I still have no plan. I still have nothing to do, nowhere to go! I remember most things now, which makes everything much more horrific. My children, Carter, Levi and Ori, and my precious wife El. Our planet ZF312 and my friends TJ and Patrick. I’m sitting here remembering my life on at the place I love, thinking about how I’ll never be able to return.


It’s been an hour since I’ve last written and I’ve got different feelings towards this situation, I’m determined to stay alive. I think its daytime outside, but I can’t see too much through a tiny hole above me. I hear growling outside but it seems to not be coming from a Grill, in fact, I haven’t even seemed to hear the growls of this animal before. I think the only way is to survive is to lead these beasts down to this pit, for food.


It worked! This determined feeling is really helping me out too! I’m currently feasting on the meat of this creature, it looks like a black lynx but, just like everything else on this planet, is different.


As morbid as it seems I seemed to use the lynx creature’s tail, combined with some spare rocks to create a rope for me to climb up, my leg still seems horribly broken but I’m thinking happy thoughts. I’m ascending up the mountain again, this time filled up and ready. I never have had enough time on this planet to look around. There’s more than I actually expected, from the top of the mountain I can see a lot! There’s a desert, and a jungle. I should have perhaps explored that before coming here.


Sadly, again I’ve hurt my leg. I tripped up over an odd metal spike poking out of the ground… now that I think of it… it sort of looks like a…


A rocket! My way home, my way to my family, friends and everything that I’ve missed for the past few horrible days. Thanks for keeping me company, Diary. I’ll be sure to show you to everyone, they won’t believe what I’ve been through, the battles, the sights, the beings that I’ve came across. I won’t lie, I’ve actually kind of enjoyed this adventure, the good parts, of course. So long for now.



It’s not over. I’m back on ZF312 but everything is different. There’s no homes, no wildlife, no people, there’s nothing. Everything is gone. I’ve been crying here for days and I can’t think of anything else to do. There’s a massive hole in the floor where it seems a meteor has hit. I can’t- I won’t believe it. Was I sent to the other planet for a greater reason? To stop the extinction of all humans? There couldn’t have been, other peop- no. That’s stupid. Or was there…


Someone else…

Mind Tricking Prison by Caitlin Smithers Year 6

The Mind – Tricking Prison

By Caitlin Smithers.

As I rest my head against the dense and curved trees, I breathe the refreshing air and gaze upon the towering, snow – peaked mountains that are faintly covered in clouds, I rest my exhausted feet upon the forgiving and flattened grass. Slowly, my eyes start to shut but I can still see the mountains and the pastel flowers that surround my sleepy body. I do not want to move. Should I just stay here and embrace the wonders as I drift off into a well-deserved snooze? But no. I need to keep on going, my strange adventure has just begun…


As I get up, I feel as though my body is still asleep. I know I must carry on but it feels almost impossible. I grab my water flask out of my heavy bag and take a sip, soon, my energy is refilled and I set off to explore this new ‘fantasy’ world. Trudging through this strange new place starts a chain of thoughts that buzz around my head. I wonder if there are more people on this island, or how about unusual creatures that can do magnificent things? What if now I’m in the future! “Stop it, focus.” I muttered under my breath, I need to concentrate. As I journey across this unusual land, I start to see some bizarre creatures. I take a moment to look and stare but I can’t get to grips with what I’m seeing. What is this place? What are these creatures? Then, my head goes blank… My legs start to wobble beneath me, I tilt my head upwards and gaze at the giant mountains, my eyes are almost closed and it feels as though my head is spinning in circles. Before I know it, I’m laying down on the floor, surrounded by the calming smell of flowers.


After a while, my eyes start to open. My hand raises to scratch my muddy and now awake head. Slowly, I start to get up once again. I look ahead of me and I see a wide trail of plump rocks guiding me to a river. For a moment I was confused, but now I am glad that someone, or something has done this for me. I stroll towards the trickling river and notice that it’s changing. First it was a smooth flowing river, then it was dried up and bare. I look around me and see the towering trees above me surrounded by fruit bushes and golden roses that blow in the wind. But then, it all blows away and looks abandoned, just like the monotonous river. What does this mean? I feel kind of nervous, I can’t understand what was happening to everything around me. I turn around and start to walk away, but it was all changed! All the beautiful and smooth grass has turned into dry mud, the stunning colourful flowers has now turned into short, stubby weeds and all the curved trees are now thick, dull trees. I feel as though my mind is playing tricks on me. I’m scared…


“Where, what, how!” I screeched, I couldn’t get my words out… My eyes seemed to stretch out, I could see for miles but it was all a blur. I don’t know what’s happening. Am I delusional? Or am sick? I don’t know, maybe none of them, or maybe all… My head hurts, it feels like a big brass drum is beating in my head, I’m so confused, I can’t think. I need some water, but my flask is empty, I go to the river, but then I remember, it is just dust. I must get away from this nightmare… “Just keep walking” I muttered under my breath.


Rambling along the dusty grass makes me wonder how I got here, why I am here and where am I? I’m walking around as if I know the place like the back of my hand, but actually, I’m terrified of this strange world. Far ahead, in the distance I see the place where I woke up. But, it seems different. Was all this fantasy just playing tricks on me? Or was it actually real? My memory is fading, slowly, but still fading all the same. I carry on walking as there  is nothing else to do. I hear the sounds of cries for help, but soon I learned to ignore them.


Later on, I realize that I’ve passed many of the things that I can remember. “Oh, I seem to be going up-hill, what? Just now I was by a flat river, now half way up a mountain? Just keep going, it is nearly sunset and I need to find some sort of shelter!” After a while I reached the top of the mountain, “Just in time for sunset.” I whispered as a sat down to rest my tired feet. But as my body began to lower, it shot straight back up. “What!” I screamed. I heard the chuckle of children. I looked around but no living thing was there. “Over here you idiot!” shouted 4 unfortunate looking souls. “Ahh!” I screamed as I scrambled around to find my bag. “It’s okay, we need your help.” One ghost said. “What, why do you need me?” I said with complete confusion on my face. “We are trapped in this world, just like you. We need your help to find the moon stone so we can get out! Please help!” said another soul. “Okay, only to get out!” I said “Let’s get moving, quick!”


We walked for miles, not stopping. We came to a halt at one, dark, daunting cave. “Keep walking, you can get home…” the children demanded. I quivered as I took my first step. I got out my flashlight and continued walking, not knowing what lied in the darkness of the cave. “Just keep thinking, you can go home.” Said the smallest ghost. As I wandered deeper and deeper into the cave I passed many different thing, scorpions, poison frogs and some un-known things that I can’t even describe. Luckily I can hear the encouraging voices of the souls thanking me and pushing me to go on. It looks like I’ve come to the end! But no, there is a steel, stiff door that is guarded by rigid rocks that could pierce your hands. One by one I tore the rocks away, the pain was unbearable, but all I could think about is getting home to what I think is my family. The cuts filled with blood that stung like bullet to the side! Finally the rocks had all been thrown onto the floor along with a lot of my blood. With one big push, I opened the rusted door. All I could see was brownish water filled with reeds, my first reaction was to go back, but all this hard work needed to go to something, something that could take me home. So… I jumped. I jumped into the water paddling across the thick swamp. Just as I thought I could climb out to   safety, a huge scaly crocodile type creature grabbed my ankles! I kicked and wriggled and punched it tried to pull me back, away from the stone. The struggle to get free was horrendous so I had to think quickly. I pulled and I pulled and I tore off a plank of wood and started beating the beast with all my energy. Finally, the crocodile gave in and I climbed to safety.


I was battered, bruised and bleeding and I had no strength what so ever. I lay there, breathless and exhausted. Eventually I raised my hand and grasped the glimmering stone. The moon stone glowed, the satisfaction on my face was priceless. Then… my eyes shut and my heart stopped, my lifeless like body lay there, but the smile on my face remained. A moment later the wonderful sound of cheerful laughter and a million ‘Thank You’s’ filled the air as this wicked prison world faded away, I was free! So, this wasn’t a waste of my time after all…

The End.