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Author: Mr Rees

Super Movers

The BBC and the Premier League are on a mission to energise young minds and get kids moving to the Super Movers beat.


Trailblazer School

We are proud to be a Trailblazer School for Super Movers. This means, we are one of a handful of carefully selected group of schools nationally to input into the Super Movers campaign.

Acting as a Trailblazer School we will:

  • Use as many of the Super Movers brain booster films as often as we can
  • Get sneak previews on content and the latest news  
  • Encourage parents to participate at home
  • Advocate Super Movers to other school leaders
  • Take part in real-time surveys of teachers and pupils about how their use and reaction of films
  • Be open to any potential press/filming opportunities throughout the campaign


Super Movers aims to help teachers get their pupils moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League trophy. Active children do better and get more from their school day. Super Movers is bringing stars from the worlds of football and television together in fun educational videos to capture children’s imagination and get them moving.


The BBC and the Premier League have launched Super Movers, an exciting partnership which will help primary school teachers to inspire children to become more active throughout their school day and enhance their learning.


Super Movers Families

Super Movers will also help encourage families to live active lifestyles and can be used at home with a range of ‘Just For Fun’ videos and games designed to get children and grown-ups moving together in their living rooms.

Here’s a link to our Super Movers ‘Family: Just For Fun’ content:


Social Media

We encourage schools to take their own photos/videos of children enjoying our resources and share this across social media

Please use hashtag: #SuperMovers and tag the following handles:






Welsh Week

In order to celebrate St. David’s Day we decided to hold a Welsh Week where during the whole week we based all of our learning about Wales and the Welsh Language.

Each class was given the task of creating a Welsh Banner about a certain aspect of Wales.

Reception: Welsh Legends

Year 1: Welsh Food

Year 2: Famous Welsh People

Year 3: Welsh artists

Year 4: Welsh Places

Year 5: Welsh Sport

Year 6: Welsh Music

You can see the finished banners on our School Instagram Account or in the Twitter feed on the main page.