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Author: IslaB

The Cats Collar II

 The Cats Collar II  

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“End of class!” Said Mrs Perfect “See you all in school tomorrow!”

It was the end of school in Catford Primary and Lucy and Violet were talking about the sleepover they were going to have on the weekend. They were going to go to Violets house.

Lucy had an Irish look to her, she had ginger hair, pale skin and emerald green eyes. Violet on the other hand had silky brown hair, olive skin, sparkling eyes and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen.

It was the day of the sleepover and the two girls were very excited. The end of school came very quickly, Violet’s mother came to pick the two girls up. They came out of school holding hands with a big smile on their faces. “Hello girls did you have a nice day at school?” Asked Violet’s mum.

“Yes, thanks we are so excited for the sleepover, has Bobble been ok today?” Replied Violet.

Bobble is Violet’s cat she had him when he was a little kitten Violet was only 2! The only reason she picked him was…well his bright pink nose of course!! They both grew up together and were as happy as can be. “He has been wonderful Violet I thought because your teacher said you were very good today we could go to Mc Donalds for a treat.”

“Yes please!!”Shouted the girls.

When they arrived it was four o’clock. Lucy ordered chicken nugget Happy Meal with Fanta and a mc flurry then Violet ordered a- cheese burger Happy Meal with lemonade and a mc flurry.” Hope you enjoy your meal girls we will have to go back to the house so Bobble doesn’t get to lonely and I suspect you girls want to see him.” Said Violet’s mum in a cheerful voice.

When they arrived at Violets house it started to rain, “Quick get inside everyone!” Shouted Violet’s mum. When they got inside they saw Bobble on the sofa sleeping as usual “Bobble!!!” shouted Violet, “I missed you so much did you miss me?”

“Meow meow!”,Replied Bobble.

Lucy and Violet put their bags on the hooks and went upstairs. In Violets bedroom she had pink walls with a single bed with fairy lights at the back and obviously a king cat bed in the corner of her room for Bobble. “Look over there!” Said Lucy. Violets mum had left sweets, chocolate cookies and milk for their midnight feast “Thank you mum!” Shouted down Violet. “Your welcome.” Replied mum.


Night soon came and Lucy and Violet put on their pajamas. Lucy had Penguin pajamas and Violet had cat pajamas obviously! (Are you kind of getting the idea of this Violet AKA crazy cat lady!) Bobble was laying on the bed (As usual!) “Night, night girls see you in the morning” Bang went the door and Lucy and Violet were tucking into their midnight feast.

All of a sudden there was a flash of light “What was that?” Asked Lucy

“I don’t know but I think we might find out!” Bobble’s collar was sparkling just like it did three years ago and there it was the tag it said, ‘Do not remove’ The two girls knew exactly why it said that. There was confusion in the air, but the light must have shone on Bobbles fur and now he was scratching it! “Oh no!” Shouted Violet “Here we go again!” Just like that they were all gone.

When they could see again they were outside and it was cloudy, before the girls could say anything there standing in front of them was the biggest boat ever! Lucy and Violet made their way to the plank and people were getting on the boat. It was very noisy and the two girls had no idea what was going on or where they were.

A woman came up to the girls and said, “Are you girls ok you look a bit lost my name is Miss Williams.” There was a tall dark haired lady standing in front of them she looked very happy (unlike the weather) The girls didn’t know who she was but they needed a bit of help.

“Well we are a bit lost, do you know where we are by any chance?” Asked Violet “Yes see that big boat over there it’s the… Titanic people are boarding the ship, I am going to see my mother and father in New York.” Replied Miss Williams.

The girls looked at each other. Then Lucy whispered, “I don’t think we should go on, the Titanic sinks doesn’t it? I think we should tell Miss Williams.”

“We have to go on it otherwise there would be no story!” Said Violet in an angry sort of way “We should tell her though it would be mean not to.”

So they walked across to the lady and explained what would happen to her but she disagreed and just said, “Look girls it will be fine and no one can tell the future if you like you can stay with me because well I don’t see any parents of yours around here do you have tickets?” Asked the lady

“No so we don’t really know how we are going to get on.” Said Violet but just then she could feel something furry on her neck. It was Bobble! He had been in Violet’s bag the whole time just like last time when they were in World War II he must like it a lot. “Hello Bobble!” Said Lucy, “I think you like it in there don’t you?” Next to the lady there was a big empty suitcase “What’s that for?” Asked Violet.

“Well, when I get to New York my mother and father have got something for me! They just told me to bring an extra big suitcase, I think they’re giving me something considering they don’t see them that much.” Answered Miss Williams “Hang on I just had an idea, you girls can get into my bag and sneak onto the ship because otherwise without tickets you can’t get on the boat.”

The girls looked at each other in thought, “Well, there had to be a story otherwise there was no point in reading this far! Last time we went back to the future, well the real time, we were still alive, when a bad thing was about to happen like the bomb we went back to the present, so I don’t think anything will happen to us this time, please I promise nothing will happen!” Pleaded Lucy.

“Fine but what will happen to Miss Williams? She can’t come back she might not survive there’s not enough boats!” Replied Violet nearly crying.

“We will make sure she survives, come on she is waiting!” Shouted Lucy.

They walked over to the chirpy Miss Williams “So are you going to come on the ship with me?”

“Well yes please we had a talk and if you look there aren’t enough boats for everyone if it does sink not many people will survive, it is a bit dangerous.” Said Violet “Well I hadn’t noticed that before, but the Titanic is unsinkable, but it’s time to get on the boat hurry up girls there’s no time to lose!” Replied Miss Williams. Violet had been holding Bobble in her arms but then put him back in her bag so they could get into the suitcase.

“Squeeze over I can’t get in!” Shouted Lucy, they were trying to get into the suitcase but even though it was gigantic it was still a very tight squeeze. Eventually they both got in, but poor Miss Williams had to carry the suitcase with 2 girls and a cat! When they got to the top of the ramp Miss Williams gave the ticket, and the bags passed the criteria (you could not have any more than three bags) the ticket was for 3rd class so they were at the bottom of the ship.

When they found their room it had a single bed and a bunk bed “I call top bunk!” Shouted Lucy.

“Well then I guess me and Bobble have got the bottom bunk.” Replied Violet, “Speaking of which I should get Bobble out of my bag he must be a bit fed up by now.” Violet got Bobble out of her bag and he jumped up onto the bed and curled up. Miss Williams looked at her clock, time had flown, it was quarter to nine! (in the evening) way past Bobble’s bed time (And yes, he does have a bedtime even though he is meant to go out at the night, like any girl, even though Bobble is a boy he still needs his beauty sleep!)

Meanwhile, Miss William had put her stuff away in the wardrobe provided, because they were going to be in the ship for a week (well they thought), they were all tired so decided to call it a night.

Morning came, Violet asked, “Miss William what is your first name?”

“I was wondering when you’d stop calling me Miss William, it’s Autumn, Autumn Williams please call me Autumn.” Said Autumn in a cheery voice. They got changed and Violet and Lucy hadn’t brought any clothes so just put her old ones on from the day before. Autumn put on a floral dress with a shawl over the top. It was a very tight looking dress. Lucy had denim jeans and a cropped top with a unicorn on it and Violet had an off the shoulder all in one blue jump suit.

They walked for a while and arrived at little room which had tables and chairs that you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner at. They had to leave Bobble in their room because you couldn’t take animals in the room. If you were not first class you could not leave your animals in your cabin but they left Bobble there anyway. Dogs were kept in kennels on the ships F deck.

Lucy and Violet had ham and egg and Autumn had oatmeal porridge (the food didn’t look that nice).

When they got back to the cabin… the door was open! Where had Bobble gone? Just as they were about to start a big conversation there was a person on the tannoy and he didn’t sound very happy “This is your very angry captain speaking, there is a cat on first class deck whoever owns it better come and claim it otherwise the cat gets it, I want it claimed as soon as possible, the cat is black, brown and white!” It was certainly Bobble alright, he must have not liked 3rd class, first is much more his style! “Who was the last one out?” Asked Lucy.

“There’s no time to talk about whose fault it was we need to get Bobble NOW or there will be no Bobble!” Shouted Violet they all rushed out of the cabin and went to the passage where you could go up into the upper classes, but it was locked!

There was a man standing at the gate. “The cat that’s up in first deck it’s ours we need to go and get it, please!” Begged the girls. The man looked and stared “Well I’m afraid I can’t let you pass there are no adults with you and why have you got a cat in your cabin anyway?” Replied the man but the girls refused “That’s my cat I need to go and get it, can’t you hear let us pass!” Screamed Violet she was red as a tomato her heart was bubbling with fury “I NEED TO GO AND GET MY CAT! The captain said he want’s it claimed as soon as possible, and you are refusing to let us pass, ARRHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Violet felt like killing someone and she was pretty close. “There you are girls I’ve been looking for you.” Autumn winked at the girls “Finally a responsible adult are these your children?” Asked the man “yes we have lost our cat and we think it might have got up into first class deck, it’s black, brown and white just like the captain said when he was describing the cat, I’m begging you I just want to get our cat back.” Autumn said with tears in her eyes (fake tears, she was trying to persuade the man)

He got his walky-talky and whispered to the captain then he turned to Autumn “Miss, well I don’t know you name but you can go and get the cat, but your children will stay with me.” Said the man. Autumn looked at the girls. they decided for her just to go but would Bobble listen to her. He only listens to Violet he doesn’t even listen to Violets mum! It was worth a try, anyway it was the only thing they would let them do.

The man opened the gate and Autumn walked up the stairs. She walked a bit and then came to a door on it said 2nd Class but she carried on walking, she needed to get to 1st Class. Eventually she reached the door which said 1st Class. When she went in it was ciaos there was a VERY posh band, but no one was paying attention to it, all eyes were on…Bobble.

“Bobble!” Bobble looked at Autumn but just carried on running there was food everywhere! The poor cook all that effort, but Bobble was having the time of his life so why would he want to go?

Autumn tried and tried but it was no use. Meanwhile Lucy and Violet were worried “I don’t think Bobble is going to listen to her, please can we go and help her we are old enough.” They both had their puppy eyes but that wasn’t going to fool the man “Girls, I have told you the captain said you are not allowed up there, if you carry on I will have to call the captain!” Shouted the man “But you don’t understand the cat will not listen to the lady you sent up there he will only listen to me, if you want that cat out of there and under control then let us up there how dumb are people these days, how did you ever get a job dumb brain!” Screamed Violet. She was boiling with fury now and this man wasn’t helping.

Meanwhile poor Autumn was still trying to get Bobble he was running away from her and not listening to ANYONE! Eventually someone got Bobble in their arms and gave him to Autumn.

Back to Lucy and Violet, the man at the gate walked around a corner and out of sight because he had to talk to the captain, but little did he know he left the key to the gate in! (He is very dumb) they sneaked through the gate as quietly as they could. They started to call out “Autumn, Bobble where are you!” Next to them they saw an open door it had no sign on it, but the girls didn’t know that the doors to the different classes had signs on them, so they just walked into the room, but just then there was a massive BANG!

All was dark, Lucy and Violet were scared. Violet remembered something “Lucy doesn’t that necklace you always wear have a light on it?” Asked Violet. “OMG Violet you’re a genius but how am I going to turn the light on id I can’t see?” It took Lucy and Violet a good ten minutes before Lucy could turn the light on but with some hard work they got the light on. “AAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH!” Screamed the girls standing there was a little boy their age around 10 or 11 “Who, what.” Spluttered Lucy there were so many questions to ask. “Hi, my name is John and your name is?” He looked at Violet and smiled “My name is Violet and that is Lucy.” Violet was blushing badly now but there was nothing she could do. She had never had a crush before and she had never been in a relationship. John had chocolate brown hair and ocean blue eyes. “Ok, ok Violet that’s enough we need to get out of here come on let’s try the door.” They walked over to the door (which was about 3 steps)

“What are we going to do is there anything we can smash the door down with?” Asked Violet. They looked around but there was nothing there. Just then they could hear a key going into the lock they were going to get out! The door creaked open and there he was the man that was standing at the gate, “You thought you could get away did you well you have fallen into the same trap as I set for you!” He pointed at John “You’re not coming out of here so don’t try anything stupid.” He went back and locked the door behind him. The only thing they could do now was shout “Help is anyone there? Can you here us.”

At that moment up in first class Autumn walked out of the door with Bobble in her arms very proud of herself that she managed to catch him (even though she didn’t) Bobbles ears pricked up and he lunched out of Autumns arms like a rocket and shot down the stairs. Autumn ran after him, eventually he stopped, when Autumn got closer she could hear faint shouting “Autumn, Bobble where are you can you her us?” She knew exactly who it was. She started running. Even faster now, she started shouting “Lucy, Violet I’m coming don’t worry!” Called back Autumn. She got to where Bobble had stopped, and it was right outside the door that they were all trapped in. “Girls I’m here?” Shouted Autumn “Help get us out of here the man at the gate it was him he locked us in here we tried to come and help you can you get us out please?!”

“Calm down, I will get you out just stay calm otherwise it won’t help anyone!” She looked around and then she had an idea that morning she put a bobby pin in her hair! She could pick the lock with it and get them out! It was brilliant.

She started by bending the pin into shape and then put it in the key hole and started to twist it. Eventually she heard a click, she had done it! She opened the door and well she had a big surprise there was a little boy in there with them. “This is John he got locked in to.” Said Lucy.

“Bobble you’re there!” Shouted Violet. She picked him up and hugged him she had missed him ALLOT! It wasn’t all over yet though they had to get back through the gate.

When they reached it, the man was talking on his walky-talky. So, they squeezed through and raced down the hallway “Hey! Stop come back!” Shouted the man but just then Autumn and John started to fade away and they could see pink walls and a bed, and they were both back in their pajamas! We are back and it’s only 9 PM!”

It was Monday morning and the sun was shining and as you would have guessed they were learning about the titanic. “Here is a list of the people that sadly died on the titanic.” Said Mrs Perfect and on that list was the name John Bill Simpson.

Violet looked at Lucy and she had tears in her eyes, but she knew that he would always be there. Autumn was one of the very lucky survivors that was in the survivor list.

They all lived happily ever after until…

The Cats Collar